IMG_1291-Edit_SHey there, let’s talk politics in 10 minutes or less! I want “Consider This!” to be something of a dialog, where a considered opinion can have a place at the table. It will mostly be my opinions (it is my show, after all), but yet another political monologue is probably not what you’re looking for. Neither is one where one person screams at and berates another. Those kinds of shows are a dime a dozen  (or, actually, a dime a million).

So I want to present ideas to you that you might not have heard, present ones you may have heard in a new light, or fill in some of the backstory of those you just didn’t understand. And if you can do the same, let me hear from you.

I’m unabashedly and unashamedly conservative. However, my personal ideology has refined over the years as I understood more about what being conservative really means. This has done two things; pushed me further to the Right, but also gave me an appreciation for those who honestly disagree with me and can express that in a considered way.

Again, let me hear from you, and let’s see what happens. Should be a great ride!

Doug Payton

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