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Stem Cells Archives

The March for Settled Science

On April 22nd, people took to the streets in what was called the March for Science! It’s not really explained who would be against science; that was just a convenient straw man. In fact, there was a good representation of anti-Trump signs, so that it seemed this was equal parts scientific and political. And many folks would agree that science has become too politicized, though the marchers probably couldn’t see that it’s being done by both sides, including theirs.

Republicans are continuing to work on their repeal and replacement of ObamaCare. Well, it’s more like a “repeal and rename” strategy. Much of the failures of ObamaCare remain, but now Republicans will be blamed when the train wreck happens; a pre-existing condition that would have happened anyway, but now that the GOP will claim to have “fixed” it without actually fixing it, they’ll bring the blame on themselves.

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Do more guns mean more murders and suicides? A Harvard study of European countries may surprise you. Or cause you to yawn in recognition of something we’ve long understood.

Is the stem cell debate — embryonic vs adult — now over with the discovery in Israel? It may just be. Some may still want to debate it, of course, but the results suggest that the fat lady has sung. (And she is a great source of stem cells!)

And places are being shut down that have never been shut down during this government shutdown. Gee, why would that be?

The 9th annual People’s Podcast Awards are open for nominations! Now, you’re people, and I’m a podcast, so it only makes sense that you nominate me, right? Just go to Please vote for me in the Politics / News category. Where it asks for the URL, just enter You can only submit the nomination page once for this year, so if you have other podcasts you like, nominate them as well. But don’t wait too late. Nominations close at midnight, October 15th. I would really appreciate a nomination in this rather prestigious award.

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Would you support a baker who refused to bake a cake with a Swastika on it celebrating a pair of loving neo-Nazis who were getting married? Would the ACLU come down on the side of the baker, or the couple? Now, listen as I make one small change to the situation and see if all of a sudden, things change drastically.

Would you believe that there is media bias in how the same-sex marriage issue is portrayed and reported? Well, a Pew Research study proves it, and the NY Times reports it as actual news. (Which it is, but it may really be news to NY Times readers.)

George W. Bush, far from being the anti-science neanderthal he was portrayed as, believed science could research its way out of the ethical dilemma of using already-frozen embryonic cells as a source for stem cells. Now we’re producing embryonic cells from skin.

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