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Race Issues Archives

Is Trump the best thing that’s happened to HBCUs?

Is it really possible that Donald Trump is doing more for Historically Black Colleges and Universities than previous administrations? According to many black educators, all signs point to Yes, even better than under Barack Obama.

How is this even possible? And why haven’t you heard about it? (And especially, why haven’t students of these colleges and universities heard about it?) Listen in for my thoughts on this.

Mentioned links:

Historically black colleges view Trump administration warily, but also with some optimism

Historically black colleges and universities [Wikipedia]

Protesting Notre Dame students walk out of Pence’s commencement speech

Explaining what a “cut” is in Washington, DC:

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Needed, overblown, or both?

Needed, overblown, or both?

I had originally started putting a show together about some of the other races decided on Election Night 2016. I was going to note how Republicans didn’t just hold onto majorities in Congress, but increased their holdings of governorships and state legislatures, and maybe talk about some of the ballot measures that were voted on.

But as the week continued, I was less and less concerned about that, and more concerned about the reactions to the election that I kept hearing on other podcasts and social media. So I decided to chuck my original idea, and just touch on those.  And #SafetyPin.

Mentioned links:

2016 Presidential Election Results

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address

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Trump wins

Trump wins

The election of Donald Trump gave me feelings of relief and concern, for my country and the Republican Party. I also include ideas of how it was he won, and whether racism was involved.

And I cover other reactions to his election. Or do I?

Here are my thoughts on the election of 2016.

Mentioned links:

Dear America, This Is Important — Trump Did Not Win Because of Racism

Trump Did Better With Blacks, Hispanics Than Romney in ’12: Exit Polls

The  Great Liberal Freakout

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Episode 156: Thoughts on a Debate, Part 2

The first Trump/Clinton debate

The first Trump/Clinton debate

This is the second part of my analysis of the September 26th debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As I wrote last time, there was just so much to get into (because we finally got to compare the candidates side-by-side) that I couldn’t fit it all into one episode.

And with the next debate between them coming very soon, I had to get this out before that, which is why you’re getting 2 episodes in one week. But hey, it’s just 10 minutes! 🙂

And you should probably listen to part 1 first. Click here for the audio and the transcript.

Mentioned links:

The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated

Economic assistance to countries in the Middle East and North Africa

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Episode 155: Thoughts on a Debate, Part 1

The Clinton / Trump debate

The Clinton / Trump debate

I took some notes during the September 26th debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was the first time to have a good “compare and contrast” between their policies. I took so many notes that I had to split this into 2 episodes!

It may seem like a lot of time to spend on one debate performance, but we finally got to compare and contrast policy issues directly between the two candidates. For the most part. So I think this is worth the time.

Mentioned links:

The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated

Why Hillary never makes Equal Pay Day pay off

Top 1% pay nearly half of federal income taxes

Hey, Barney Frank: The Government Did Cause the Housing Crisis

The successful Clinton economy was based on tax cuts. No, really…

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Episode 154: #AllBlackLivesMatter



When discussing the killings of blacks by cops, sometimes the subject of black-on-black murder comes up. In my experience, this is shot down as a “distraction”.

Let’s look at the numbers and see what a “distraction” it really is. And there’s another statistic that doesn’t come up in these discussions that puts all of these other issues to shame.

Mentioned links:

About the Black Lives Matter Network

The Myth of the Black-on-Black Crime Epidemic

Murder: Race and Sex of Victim by Race and Sex of Offender, 2011

Justifiable Homicide: by Weapon, Law Enforcement, 2007–2011

List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2011 [Wikipedia]

Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Woman Who Obtained Abortion by the State of Occurrence

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"We can fight for ourselves, thank you."

“We can fight for ourselves, thank you.”

If ObamaCare is trying to emulate the European style of health care, perhaps we should look at those systems to see how well they’re doing in providing quality health care. It’s easy to give access to it, but how good is it?

And it may be that the controversy over the Washington Redskins football team name might be going out with a whimper. That is, if the Social Justice Warriors fighting for the cause will listen to those whom they are ostensibly fighting for. (But hold not thy breath.)

Mentioned links:

NHS: UK now has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world, according to OECD report

Poll: Native Americans’ attitudes toward the Washington Redskins team name

I’m dropping my protest of Washington’s football team name

Activists criticize recent poll on offensiveness of Redskins’ name

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Is there racism among cops, and how does it affect their job?

Is there racism among cops, and how does it affect their job?

A study has come out (again; it’s been done twice before) that proves there is racism among police officers. But there is a surprising result of that racism.

You’ve no doubt seen the incidents and the resulting protests, and the claims that those incidents are indicative of the system in general. But are they? Do cops have one trigger for blacks and another for whites?

This study may turn some assumptions on their head. It sure did for me. Please take the time to listen to something I’m quite sure you’ve not heard elsewhere. It’s worth the time to consider this.

Mentioned links:

This study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may surprise you

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Yes, he said that.

Yes, he said that.

First, I’ll ask you to “Name That Quote”. Can you do it? “There are no Christians, as far as I know, blowing up building. I am not aware of any Christian suicide bombers. I am not aware of any major Christian denomination that believes the penalty for apostasy is death. I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity, in so far as Christianity might be a bulwark against something worse.”

Second, we’ll try to accurately describe criminal suspects without mentioning their ethnicity, nationality, skin color and height. (Height? Really?)

Third, we’ll put the love of multiculturalism into practice.

Mentioned links:

Ari Mendelson’s book, “Bias Incident: The World’s Most Politically Incorrect Novel”

Professional Atheist Dawkins Says Christianity ‘Bulwark Against Something Worse’

Swedish police banned from describing criminals anymore in case they sound racist

Consider This, episode 66

Cologne Sexual Assault Victim Called a Racist and Harassed After Identifying Her Attackers

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Can you tell the difference? Apparently, she can't.

Can you tell the difference? Apparently, she can’t.

The effects of a minimum wage increase was researched recently by the federal government. Guess what they found out? (Hint: You’ll think you’d heard it here before.)

Apparently, after 3 days performing what amounts to an “armed sit-in”, the 20 white guys holed up in a remote, Oregon wildlife preserve visitors center were did not have the National Guard descend on them due to … wait for it … racism. You know, the same National Guard that weren’t summoned to Ferguson, MO for 9 days.

And can you describe the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist? Apparently, the front-runner for the Democrats in the Presidential race can’t.

Mentioned links:

MP Graphics Facebook page

Hiking Minimum Wage an Inefficient Tool to Fight Poverty: Fed Research

The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment

Armed men, led by Bundy brothers, take over federal building in rural Oregon

Timeline of events in Ferguson

WaPo Columnist Claims Racial Double Standards In Oregon Standoff

Video: Matthews discovers that Hillary can’t tell the difference between Democrats and socialists, either

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