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Government Archives

Is this marriage worth protecting?

Is it prudent for a public figure to make sure his public life matches his private values? If he sets boundaries to make sure he stays true to his values, is that a bad thing? Apparently, it is, for some people. (Some of the same people who say you have no right to judge the bad behavior of their favorite public figures.)

A new report came out in England recently describing how the lack of new doctors is affecting health care there. When you remove the profit motive, you get fewer people in that field, and you get more deaths and longer waiting lines. But hey, it’s more “fair”, right?

And we hit a milestone as the Facebook page gets its 100th “like”!

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7 Things You Need To Know About Britain’s Failing Nationalized Health System

Rationing of NHS services ‘leaving patients in pain and distress’, says new report

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Franken v Gorsuch

Last week, Senator Al Franken (D-SNL) questioned Judge Neil Gorsuch about a case from last year. And when I say “questioned”, I mean told Gorsuch what he thought he should have done. If you wanted to find out why Gorsuch ruled the way he did, you won’t find it in the 8-minute video below.

These hearings are trying to determine whether or not Gorsuch is qualified. Franken apparently thought they were all about him. Otherwise, why not let Gorsuch explain himself even once?

Worse, this  demonstrated a view of the judiciary that the Left has, which turns us into a nation, not of laws, but of the whims of whoever’s in power. You’d think that, in the age of Trump, they’d try to avoid that at all costs. Nope.

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Neil Gorsuch earns his Supreme Court seat

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Can you refuse to provide services?

This episode isn’t so much about entrepreneurs as it is about how the government or double-standards can take freedoms away from people; freedoms that you might think aren’t in jeopardy.

The first example is about whether a business owner can refuse business based on the owner’s deeply-held beliefs. There are two different sets of ideas on this, but many times their held by the same people.

The second example asks; can you make a product in your kitchen that is non-narcotic, perfectly legal, and that other people want to buy? Maybe, maybe not. The government may have something to say about that. What do you have to say about it?

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Designer Sophie Theallet Vows Never To Work With Melania Trump

University Students Stumble over Who Has Freedom to Live and Work According to Beliefs

Amish Farmer Sam Girod is in Jail… His Enemies Want Him there for Life

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Freezing out the media, then and now

Are Trump and his press secretary Sean Spicer tearing up the First Amendment? They are certainly playing favorites regarding media outlets, but is this truly abridging the freedom of speech or the press?

“Fake news” is the term people are throwing around to disparage the major media. Is it fair? And are there any examples of it? Well, yes, there are examples, but the term “fake” is up to you.

These questions and listener feedback on this episode.

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White House blocks news organizations from press briefing

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won

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Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch

President Trump has made his choice for Supreme Court, and I think it’s a fantastic one.  Neil Gorsuch is an Originalist, meaning he believes the Constitution says what it means, and not what 9 Justices think it means this week. If the government can redefine the law on a whim, how are we, the people, supposed to know what the law really is?

And conservatives have talked about cutting red tape and getting rid of useless regulations for a long time. It looks like that idea’s time has come. In fact, it’s been tried on a smaller scale and it’s worked incredibly well. Listen in for who did it, how it’s helped, and how it’s getting done here.

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The Red Tape Reduction Act

Doug Black [Wikipedia]

Cutting Red Tape in Canada: A Regulatory Reform Model for the United States?

Canada Cuts Down On Red Tape. Could It Work In The U.S.?

Trump signs executive order requiring that for every one new regulation, two must be revoked

Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Partisan Standoff Leaves Supreme Court Seat Empty for More Than 350 Days

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Alternative facts?

This podcast is not going to be a cheerleader for the Trump administration. I still believe that it’s going to be better, policy-wise, than a Clinton administration, but I’ll call out any nuttiness when it happens.

Such as when a spokesperson talks about “alternative facts”. Take a listen and see if you agree with my assessment.

Oh, and one other thing. Has any press secretary for a Democratic President ever been asked to take an oath of truth? Even when repeating the promise of “you can keep your doctor”? Yeah, well check out the videos below to find out.

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ABC’s Jon Karl Tangles with WH’s Sean Spicer, Demands Spicer Adhere to Oath of Truth

Carney Tries To Rewrite Obama’s ‘Keep Your Doctor’ Promise

Nets Spend 12 Times More Coverage on Spicer Fib Flap vs Obamacare Order

Kellyanne Conway: WH Spokesman Gave ‘Alternative Facts’ on Inauguration Crowd

Twilight Zone: Dan Rather Scolds Kellyanne Conway Over ‘Alternate Facts’ Flub

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Is *every* Republican a Nazi? Really?

I’m back to 3 topics this episode, and all, in some way, semi-sorta-related to the recent, peaceful transfer of power in the United States. I talk about the Left running out of adjectives for Donald Trump, given how they’ve misused those adjectives over the decades. I talk about how the outgoing President Obama commuted the sentence of someone who gave Wikileaks a huge treasure trove. And I talk about the closing of a prominent charity, and why it might be closing.

And don’t forget, I want to hear you talk about what you think. Comment here, or look at the sidebar for other ways to get in touch.

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Attacked by Trump, Lewis acknowledges he boycotted Bush inauguration, too

Episode 160: Relief and Concern Over President-Elect Trump

Tapper Notes How White House Used to Be ‘Angry’ and Outraged’ by Manning Crimes

Silence From Networks as Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down

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Scandal-free? Not so much, actually.

President Obama and many of his supporters have been characterizing his administration as “scandal free”. Really? Something tells me their definition of “scandal” changes based on who’s occupying the Oval Office. Let’s run down a few examples of things that would have dogged a Republican.

And we have some feedback by listener DocH regarding who the extremists really are. (Hint: There are not as many of them as you may think.)

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Celebrities Walk Back Their Promises To Leave The Country If Trump Is Elected

18 Major Scandals in Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency

‘An amazingly scandal-free administration’

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Is he rediscovering limited government?

Is he rediscovering limited government?

Donald Trump has already shown how he can control the media, and how he can own a news cycle. Whether it’s Twitter trolling or being impetuous is something for you to decide, but he really has them jumping. And free speech and limited government has been rediscovered by the Left. Trump is indeed making American great again by helping it remember its core principles.

Even MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is getting in on the “checks and balances” bandwagon!

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Nets Torch Trump on Flag Burning Ban, Extinguish Clinton’s Ban Support

Let’s make the Confederate flag a hate crime: It is the American swastika and we should recoil it from it in horror

The Confederate Flag In Every State, In Every Form, Must. Come. Down.

Flashback: Clinton introduced bill to criminalize flag burning

Tufts U. student leaders reject free speech measure, call it ‘unsafe’

Trump Gives Victory Speech, Liberals Rediscover Appeal of Limited Government

In Landmark Vote, Senate Limits Use of the Filibuster

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Episode 158: ObamaCare Bails Out Iteself

Costs? What costs?

Costs? What costs?

So, how’s that fantastic government program, ObamaCare, doing? You know, that program that would let you keep your doctor or your plan if you liked it, or reduce your costs by $2,500 dollars per year? The program that, overall, would save us all money? Well, the Washington  Post has  an update, and it seems that the “Affordable” Care Act isn’t very affordable, even for the government that created it. In fact, it’s having to use a 1950s-era law to come up with the money to pay insurers.

And someone you know was trashing ObamaCare recently. See who you can figure out who it was in Name That Quote!

Mentioned links:

Obama administration may use obscure fund to pay billions to ACA insurers

Bill Clinton bashes Obamacare as ‘crazy system’ on campaign trail

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