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Education Archives

Crossroads; politics and religion

Crossroads; politics and religion

Gordon College has petitioned the government based on its religious beliefs, but the Mayor of Salem, Mass. wants to punish them for it. Religious tolerance isn’t what it used to be. Maybe this is payback for the Witch Trials.

Can you pray in a mall? Well, it depends on whether the mall owners will get called out on their decision in public.

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GUILTY: For Just Being Christian

Understanding the Issues: Gordon College, Religious Liberty and Executive Order 13672

Are Christian Colleges free to be Christian?

Georgia mall not buying into group’s spiritual health, prayer

Hundreds Rally in Support of Right to Pray at Georgia Mall

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Are the Crusades typical of most wars? (Hint: No.)

Are the Crusades typical of most wars? (Hint: No.)

The school voucher program in Louisiana is a fantastic success. The high school graduation is significantly up, and the poorest are benefiting the most. So, of course, Obama’s Justice Department is suing to stop it on the ground of … diversity? Really? (Yes, really.)

Would you believe that Antarctic ice is at a 35-year record level, and that temperatures have stopped rising? And this in spite of the fact that CO2 is being added to the atmosphere at a record pace? You should. Because, y’know, it’s true.

Is religion the major cause of war? Are the Crusades just one of many examples of how religion has caused so much conflict over the course of human history? I’ve got the stats for you.

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Obama Administration Ignores the Facts on Louisiana Voucher Program

Antarctica Not Melting: Ice Levels At Record High

Antarctic sea ice hit 35-year record high Saturday

The Myth that Religion is the #1 Cause of War

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Tear down this wall!

Tear down this wall!

Of all the services that the government performs, which ones are considered “essential”? Which ones stay operating even during a shutdown? Here’s an example of one, and in fact, it’s a service that is active only during a shutdown.

What if they held a recess and nobody played? A school is banning baseballs, soccer ball, basketballs; basically anything that might give you a boo-boo. That may seem silly (and it is), but there’s some other silliness that’s prompting it.

And we have another round of “Name That Quote”. In the continuing saga of the debt limit, I have an outspoken critic of raising it. See if you can guess who it is.

Mentioned links:

#MillionVetMarch assembles peacefully, pulls down Lincoln Memorial #barrycades.

Media Targets Million Veteran March

Spite: White House reinstalls barricades at World War II Memorial

Long Island Middle School Bans Footballs, Other Recreational Items

Ceiling Whacks []

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