The Surge

Why is there suddenly a massive surge of immigrants rushing to the southern border? Well, it turns out that the answer is pretty simple; people respond to incentives.

You may have thought that Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop was back to business as usual after his Supreme Court decision. Not so fast.

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Show transcript

Well, they couldn’t soft-pedal it anymore, especially since they were being shut out from viewing it, so the mainstream media is covering the crisis on the southern border. If it was Trump restricting the press access in this way he would be literally Hitler, again.

It took a Congressman from Texas (Henry Cuellar, a Democrat), to get some pictures out from where unaccompanied children were being kept. Now, it’s not kids in cages actually, because instead they’re using soft plastic sheets between rooms. But otherwise, it’s the same thing that Trump was doing and Obama before him.

So where are the Congressional Democrats on this? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex notably had a photo-op somewhat near one of these facilities looking distraught, almost in tears, during the Trump administration. These days, not so much. When Kamala Harris was running her disastrous campaign for President, she said she’d close these down. Instead, more have opened and their still massively overcrowded.

But why this huge surge of, not just children, but adults and families trying to sneak into the country? Or why all these asylum seekers at the border right now rather than using the procedures to apply for it? One reason: Joe Biden. According to this guy, that’s the truth.

[ABC migrant audio]

And, according to his first press conference (finally), Biden said that he is “flattered” that they’re coming because, as he likes to believe, they think he’s a nice guy. No, you don’t make a perilous journey like that because you think the Head of State is nice; you do it because you think the Head of State is soft on immigration and will let you get away with breaking the law.

The Trump-era requirement was that, for asylum seekers, they would remain outside our border (you know, like we do everywhere else). Biden removed that, and the asylum camps emptied out. Now who could have anticipated that? So we have an actual crisis at the border with more kids in cages than ever before. I guess those unaccompanied minors thought Biden was such a nice guy that they ran away from home to start a new life here. Right. Instead it’s more like the parents are hoping some nice guy will find them and let them in to be with their kids.

Look, there is a proper way to request asylum, and jumping the fence, so to speak, is not the way to do it. Nice guy or tough guy, that has always been the case. But when you telegraph that you’re willing to let things slide, don’t be taken by surprise when the border gets overrun.

I’m circling back around to the story of Jack Phillips as we Reconsider This. Phillips, as listeners to this show and/or people keeping up with the news may remember, was taken to task for not decorating a wedding cake in accordance with the wishes of a same-sex couple. The Colorado Human Rights Commission wanted him to be re-educated as to the orthodox ways of the world. When his case hit the Supreme Court, they didn’t rule on the religious freedom issue; they only ruled that the commission didn’t give his religious beliefs the attention they deserved, so they punted on the larger question.

Meanwhile, Phillips has been hounded by an activist targeting him. On the same day that the High Court agreed to hear the case, Autumn Scardina called to ask to have a gender transition cake made. Autumn is a transgender woman, so the cake was to be blue on the outside (representing Autumn’s biological gender) and pink on the inside. Phillips declined.

Scardina hauled Phillips back to the state human rights commission. Having been slapped down by the Supreme Court for “religious hostility”, you’d think the commission wouldn’t take the bait again. You’d be wrong. So in response to being investigated by them again, Phillips went on the offensive and sued the commission itself for its harassment.

That is still making its way through the court system, but I thought you’d want to be up-to-date with that. Y’know, based on all this attention, you’d think that Masterpiece Cakeshop was the only place in Lakewood, CO to buy a cake. You’d be wrong.

And no, didn’t get into the whole bit about Joe Biden tripping up the stairs to Air Force One. But you know who had the best take on it? The Babylon Bee. Their headline was, “Air Force One Now Equipped With Handicap Parking Pass” Maybe they’ll let him use the Skyway now.

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