Kids in cages, or something else?

Did you know terrorists keep office hours? No? Well just ask Merrick Garland, former Supreme Court nominee and current Attorney General nominee. He’ll set you straight.

The Washington Post has turned on a dime when describing detention facilities at the border. What a difference an administration makes!

And a cousin of mine had a great observation regarding the track women’s sports have been on in her lifetime.

Mentioned links:

Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland: Far-Left Rioters Attacking Federal Courthouse Not Domestic Terrorism Because It’s At Night When Court Is Closed

WaPo called out for report on Biden’s ‘migrant facility for children’ after hitting Trump’s ‘kids in cages’

House passes so-called Equality Act, threatening religious liberty

New Jersey man explains how he made 14-foot Lincoln snow sculpture

Chicago Lists Lincoln Statues Among Monuments to Review

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Show transcript

Here’s a question that was asked of former Supreme Court nominee and current Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland. Senator Josh Hawley asked, “Let me ask you about assaults on federal property in places other than Washington, D.C. Portland for instance, Seattle. Do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other federal property as acts of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism?

Senator Hawley was referring to the US courthouse in downtown Portland, Oregon. For weeks, BLM protesters tried to get into it in order to set fire to it, like they had so many other buildings. And this was a US government building, remember. So the question was now to Mr. Garland; would that be domestic terrorism? I’ve called the attack on the Capitol “domestic terrorists” because they fit the definition. What would Mr. Garland say about BLM doing essentially the same thing?

Well, he tried to split hairs to avoid angering the Woke constituency. Basically he said that both acts were criminal, but the attacks in Portland happened when the building was closed for the night so it wouldn’t have disrupted the democratic process and therefore it wasn’t terrorism. Really? Burning the building wouldn’t have disrupted what was going on in the building? OK, not until morning when all the rioters had left, but disruption is disruption.

So as long as Iran bombs the Pentagon after hours, maybe they won’t get a stay at Guantanamo. They aren’t terrorists; they’re just really bad guys. A few hours earlier or later, then they’d be terrorists. Wow, we sure dodged a bullet not putting this guy on the Supreme Court, but as Attorney General, he can still do some damage if he is going to continue to  bow to Woke pressure. And right now, that looks exactly like what he’s going to do.

The Washington Post, 2018: “The American tradition of caging children”

The Washington Post, also 2018: “The real reason we’re locking children in cages”

The Washington Post, 2019: “Viewing US border cells derided as ‘cages,’ Central American officials pledge more immigration cooperation.”

The Washington Post, editorializing in 2020: “The tableaux of caged migrant children, torn from their parents’ arms, should be among the most enduring images produced by the president’s policies”

The Washington Post, 2021: “First migrant facility for children opens under Biden”

The Post has turned on a dime, going from “kids in cages” to “children in migrant facilities” as fast as you can say, “A Democrat is President”.

Now, the article, linked to in the show notes, mentions comments from both sides of the aisle, including some liberal activists who say, among other things, that this is “Concentration camp expansion under a Democrat administration.” It is great to hear that these liberals are being consistent.

But here’s the problem. Most people won’t hear them, or me, or you. What they’ll hear is the media, and the media is covering for Joe Biden, plain and simple. Unless people read more than the headline and a couple paragraphs, this will slide past the general public faster than a stream of illegals under a Democrat administration.

The monumentally misnamed “Equality Act” passed the House recently. That’s the bill that will, among other things, make the First Amendment protection of religious freedom a 3rd class citizen when it comes up against the sexual orthodoxy of the day. It now goes to the Senate where I hope saner heads prevail.

I’ll have more to say about it in a future episode, but right now, I want read a quote from the Facebook group by a cousin of mine. She was speaking to how the “Equality Act” will increase the speed of the destruction of women’s sports by allowing men to participate in them (never mind President Joe [] Biden’s executive orders). This is what she said: “In less than my lifetime female sports have gone from ignored, undervalued and under sponsored, fought hard for, achieved recognition, valued and sponsored, to now female athletes are again ignored, undervalued and cut from sponsorships/scholarships.”

Wow, I had not thought of it that way until she said that. Relatively speaking, things have reversed course pretty quickly.

And finally, Robert Schott of Cranford, New Jersey, is the talk of the town where he recreated the Lincoln Memorial statue in his front yard; a 14-foot replica…out of snow, and it was just in time for President’s Day. He did use some plywood to support the base and the chair, but the rest is all white stuff. As for how popular his sculpture is, Schott said, “This figure, leader, resonates for a lot of people. So I think that was emotional for a lot of people.”

Meanwhile, in Chicago, a city commission, created after protests against racism last year, identified five statues of Abraham Lincoln among 41 monuments that should receive public scrutiny. So Lincoln saved the Union, freed the slaves, was killed for that, and a racism committee thinks honoring him requires “scrutiny”. Well Mr. Schott, let’s hope the temperatures in Cranford stay below freezing for a little bit longer.

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