Executive Orders are too powerful

Presidents like to tell what they will do in their first 100 days in office, but executive orders make just the first hundred minutes very powerful. Sending out edicts is not what representative government should be, for any political party.

And Joe Biden is no different. I take a look at just a few of his EOs in this episode.

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Show transcript

Welcome to first episode of Consider This made during the Joe Biden administration. According to his inauguration speech, this will be a time where we come together in unity and healing, with cats and dogs living together, and men and women in the same locker room. Well, not so much the former, but definitely the latter.

And how will that be accomplished? By executive order, of course! Now, I have been consistent in noting that if you live by the EO, you die by the EO. More and more of the functioning of our government has been given over to edicts signed by the President such that anytime the party at the top switches, so do dozens of laws; not in the first 100 days, but the first 100 minutes. It shouldn’t be this way, but here we are. Trump spent his early time in the job reversing Obama EOs, and now Biden, in turn, re-reverses them. The President should not have that much power, period.

Having said all that, let’s look at some of the EOs that President Biden has signed.

This one I could see coming 400 miles away; stopping construction of the border wall. [Iago – Not surprise] First of all, I have to make an obvious observation, one I’ve made before; walls work. Just like the wall around Biden’s inauguration ceremony, walls work. The new administration says that they’ll be doing things differently. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan put it this way, “The Biden administration is going to have a very different approach to regional migration.” He added that there was going to be a special emphasis on dealing with the “root causes of migration in the region.” No, that doesn’t mean they will be getting rid of, or reforming, any government programs that give free stuff to illegal immigrants. That would be too easy and effective. Instead it means that we will be increasing security within places like Guatemala. We’ll aid in rooting out governmental corruption there, and boost their economy to reduce the need that citizens feel to leave there and come here. You know, things we’ve been doing for a long time, in Guatemala and Honduras and many other countries in Central and South America. If people from there have legitimate reasons to want to come here (and you can’t blame them for wanting to), there is, is fact, a legal way to do so.  But in the intervening years before all that reform takes hold, no more wall. Brilliant.

Speaking of immigration, another reversal from President Biden is one of Trump’s which mandated the use of “all available systems and resources” to enforce US immigration laws inside the country. Biden will instead call for enforcement policies “in line with our values and priorities.” So Trump said to use our law enforcement resources to enforce our laws, while Biden said…what? What values and whose priorities are we talking about? How is enforcing the laws on the books problematic? If you don’t like the laws, change the laws, don’t send out edicts about what laws you will and won’t enforce. And again, as I said before, no President from any party should be doing that.

Another EO for Joe was one that preserved and strengthened the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – or DACA – program. This is the program that Obama said Congress needed to create, and that it was unconstitutional to do it by EO. And then he did it by EO. And now Joe is reinforcing it the same way. Should Congress pass DACA? On the merits, I can see why they should. But ours is a system of representative governing and compromise, and a single man or woman with a single signature is neither representative nor does it hammer out compromise. It is force without dissent, and when that force goes against our founding documents, it is tyranny.

Joe Biden also made sure that we rejoined that branch of the Chinese Communist Party that Trump had removed us from; the World Health Organization. You remember them, right? They are the folks who parroted whatever China said regarding COVID-19, and both the WHO and the CCP were found to have not moved quickly enough as the disease was getting a foothold. The ties between the Director-General of the WHO (whose name I will not butcher here) and the CCP are enough to see why China has been able to use the WHO to cover for it as they botched things early on. Sure, let’s rejoin that.

And should you be under the impression that virtue signaling only happens on social media, Joe put us back into the Paris Climate Accords. We’ve been outperforming most countries that are signatories because of a big switch to natural gas, so the purpose of rejoining, or even having joined in the first place, was just for show. We don’t lead by signing a piece of paper, we lead by doing, and we are.

Then there’s the Keystone XL pipeline. Joe wants to halt construction of it. First of all, our very close trading partner Canada is a little peeved about this since this is shipping their oil to our refineries. So instead, we’ll have to send it by truck or train; transportation methods that send out carbon emissions. I’m sorry, what exactly was the goal here?

On the discrimination front, Biden will sign an executive order mandating that the federal government extend Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin — to also cover sexual orientation and gender identity. As I’ve mentioned on the show before, my prediction is that this will spill over into Title IX of the Education amendments, which gave us, among other things, women’s sports. Now I will also say that this is such an easy prediction to make because it’s already happening in certain pockets of the country. Men identifying as women are smashing women’s records in track, for instance, and being allowed to even before they go on hormone treatments. Merely saying you’re a woman gets you to the starting line. And even if they are on a hormone treatment, a new study shows that after the recommended 1 year of that treatment, biological men still retain an athletic advantage over women, and on average even after 2 years. Women, the game is up. Men have figured out how to elbow themselves into your sports. The hashtag #BidenErasedWomen was trending on Twitter recently when people realized this.

These executive orders are all based on promises that Biden made during the campaign. They are either unconstitutional, poorly thought out, discriminatory, bad for national security, or some combination thereof. Congress has abdicated its responsibilities, so this is what we get.

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