A “personal’ gift?

A boycott turned into a “buy-cot” when what was meant to punish became a way to reward a company.

How about giving a very “personal” gift this year? I’ve got an idea, but just know that I will absolutely not be giving this.

And listener Ryan called 267-CALL-CT-0 and let me know of another news site that gives all sides of an issue.

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Show transcript

You may remember back in July, the CEO of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue, made remarks at the White House. He was there to pledge one million cans of Goya chickpeas to food banks, and his remarks included this sentence, “Americans are truly blessed…to have a leader like President Trump.”

Well, the Left certainly could not have the CEO of a billion-and-half dollar company say anything nice about Trump, even if he was a minority. Especially if he’s a minority, I guess. He was expressing thoughts outside of what all minorities are supposed to express, according to the Left. (All minorities should think the same. No stereotyping there, right?) The most notable of this crowd to dis him was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who implied a boycott when she approvingly retweeted someone else’s suggestion to “make your shopping decisions accordingly”.

Some on the Left did that. But then a lot of people on the Right did that as well. A few days ago, Unanue said on a radio interview that the “buycott” from those on the Right caused “our sales actually increased 1,000 percent”. Hyperbole or not, clearly the boycott failed. And it failed so spectacularly that Mr. Unanue said this.

[Unanue audio, employee of the month]

If anyone ever thought that major corporation CEOs had no sense of humor, naming AOC the Employee of the Month should disabuse you of that notion.

Here’s an idea for the holidays. Give the gift of meat. No, this isn’t going to be an ad for a subscription to Omaha Steaks (although I wouldn’t mind the sponsorship). This is instead a story about a company selling the lab-grown Ouroboros Steak. Without getting into all the details of how the process is done, I will simply highlight the main ingredient; you. With a swab of your cheek, off go those cells to the lab and in 3 months, what results is a steak. “Do you mean it’s…?” Yes, it’s the most personal of gifts.

Now think about eating this yourself. It’s you eating you. Kind of like that picture of a snake eating its own tail, which is called…an Ouroboros. Hence the name of the steak.

The jury’s out on whether that’s cannibalism (the company says it’s technically not) but that’s a hard no from me. Still, it does give new meaning to the phrase, “You are what you eat.”

Having mentioned AOC earlier, did you know she has her own store of clothing and other gear? She does, and on that site you can buy all sorts of apparel for yourself or a collar for your dog, extolling thoughts like “Tax the Rich”, “The Green New Deal”, “Drink Water & Don’t Be Racist”, “Medicare For All”, and “Abolish Ice”. Aside from some of the foolish ideas like “Tax the Rich” (as if we aren’t) and “Medicare for All” (which is the stereotypical government program that is one budget overrun after another), she should be able to sell what she wants for whatever she wants. See, in a free-market economy you are free to do that, unlike the socialist economy she extolls.

So she does. She’s even got campaign messages like “AOC+ME”, or just her name emblazoned across your chest. She sells what she wants, and indeed for whatever she wants, but that’s where the irony meter starts clicking very fast. A “Green New Deal” pin is $10. An AOC onesie for your baby is $25. T-shirts are $25-27. A mug is $27. And get this; a sweater is $58 and a hoodie is $65. Just think of it; a sweatshirt with the words “Tax the Rich” on it costs $58, and when I visited the site that sweatshirt was sold out. Look, even if you buy one because profits from the sale go to AOC’s campaign, if you can toss $58 away for a sweatshirt, you are the rich. Don’t let AOC or any other Democrat tell you differently.

Socialism is all about a product for a fair price, though it’s the government that decides what fair is. So you can’t really blame AOC for trying to make some money before she can’t.

Listener Ryan called in to the voicemail feedback hotline at 267-CALL-CT-0 after listening to last week’s episode where I suggested Ground.News as a place to look for all sides of a story. And speaking of “all sides”, here’s Ryan’s recommendation.

[Ryan Stein audio]

There’s a link in the show notes to AllSides.com. Ryan suggested a call back to talk about that so I did. After looking at the site, I said that I still liked the way Ground.News made all the stories from different sides easily accessible, but clearly it was yet another great place to get all sides of the issues. And Ryan, after we hung up, I found out that one of the places where Ground.News gets its bias rating of news sources is…AllSides.com. So clearly they like it too. Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks so much for listening. This is going to be my last episode of the year because of Christmas preparations, and, well, this is 2020; wouldn’t you quit early?

It’s actually been a wonderful year here at the podcast. We’ve heard from some of you how you’ve been handling the pandemic; both the good and the bad, and I think it may have been cathartic for some to hear that they were not alone in what they were experiencing. And I hope I’ve been here keeping you informed with a chuckle or two to break things up along the way.

The new year will bring its own challenges, its own worries, and its own victories, too. But for now, never mind all of that for now. Just enjoy whatever holiday you do. Until next year, thanks for your time and as always consider this.

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