Illegal immigration trends

When Trump started his term, illegal immigration started to trend down. With Joe Biden the presumptive President-elect, what do you think that trend is doing now?

Politicians make verbal gaffes; it happens all the time. But watch how the media coverage changes depending on the party of the politician.

I’ve found a news source that lets you see how various other sources cover a story based on their bias.

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Show transcript

Back in April of 2017, just a few months after Donald Trump had been inaugurated, I noted that the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country had dropped like a rock. My explanation for it was that, since Trump ran heavily on enforcing our border, fewer people were willing to take the chance that they might get actually prosecuted rather than just get released into the country. Threatening to actually enforce our existing border laws caused, I believe, a drop in those trying to cross it illegally

And today, this:

Border Patrol agents are already seeing a Biden surge in illegal immigration at the southwest border, officials said Thursday, with the numbers surging 21% over the last month alone.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said worsening economic conditions south of the border are largely responsible for the uptick, but he also blamed “perceived and or anticipated shifts in policies” here in the U.S.

Indeed, if you are having your own economic troubles, and the guy coming into the Presidency here is all about open borders, you’re more willing to take the chance and get forgiveness rather than permission.

And all this while COVID-19 is still making the rounds. Oh yeah, this is just what we need.

All politicians make verbal gaffes from time to time. For some of them, the time between those times is somewhat shorter than others. Here, for example, is candidate Donald Trump, calling a book of the Bible by the wrong name.

[Trump audio, Two Corinthians]

Now for the vast majority of Christians, the name of the book is Second Corinthians. I say for the “vast majority” because, in some places and based on age, some actually say Two Corinthians, but that’s a rare exception, and Trump doesn’t fit into any of those categories, so it’s a gaffe.

And of course Trump got raked over the coals in the press. There’s a link in the show notes to a bunch of examples, some as recently as last year, over 3 years post-gaffe. The media would not let this go.

I don’t think that Trump ever claimed to be particularly devout in his religion, but the media certainly like to remind us that Joe *** Biden is a devout Catholic. He’d never mispronounce something like…well…

[Biden audio, Palmist]

Yes, another gaffe, from this gaffe-o-matic guy. Anyway, the issue here for me is not about mispronunciations of Biblical proportions, it’s how the media will cover these things. Here we have two fairly similar situations. But I searched for “palmist” on Politico, CNN, and NPR, all of whom reported on the Trump version of the gaffe, and found absolutely nothing about Biden; surprise, surprise. Or not.

Will Biden get a honeymoon from the press? Yes, and I predict it’ll last about 4 years. Well, unless he tries to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans. Then put down your drinks and get ready to fight.

Speaking of drinks, that reminds me of a joke. Two Corinthians…walk into a bar…

I put up a post in the Facebook group specifically for feedback from episode 307. I need to do that more often.

Mark Havener, who runs the website, said this in regard to the issue of choosing your news channel. “On my website, when I quote news sources, I generally try to go with Liberal sources, the farther Left the better. This is a form of Word Judo, where I use their own words and positions against them.” Indeed, if you cite an openly conservative site, often it’ll be ignored, no matter the truthfulness of the article. Point them to a left-of-center source and you can get past that first barrier.

One source that was recently pointed out to me was; that’s the URL. They also have an app by the same name. What they do is highlight news stories and show you all the sites that covered that story and where they sit on the political spectrum. One thing I did notice, though, is that in all the stories I’ve looked at so far, I’ve seen some categorized as Far Right but only 1 as Far Left, and it was one I’d never heard of. They let you know what 3rd party groups they use to classify news sources, so take a look, though your mileage may vary.

There are a few things you can learn from that. One is how much one side or the other is emphasizing a particular story, or in fact whether one side or the other has what they call a blindspot. Another use is for guys like Mark and I who like to cite our sources. You can find the story you’re interested in, then find the leftmost source, make sure they have the same information you’re looking for, and cite them.

So give it a look and see what you might be missing

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