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A shortened episode to mention just some of the good news of the last four years, and what to do in order to keep it going.

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Show transcript

Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been sworn in. I guess Democrats in this country are going to have to grin and … Barrett. Three Muslim countries in the Middle East – Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan – have all normalized relations and signed peace deals with Israel. This after moving the US embassy to Jerusalem didn’t start World War 3, as predicted by the intelligence community. These are big deals. If Obama had made these peace deals, he’d have actually earned that Nobel Peace Prize and the press would be fawning all over him. If he’d replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a much younger but just as partisan SCOTUS justice, well the press would be just ecstatic.

Recently, US Marshals recovered 45 missing children and arrested 177 alleged child traffickers in Ohio using the largest operation in the state’s history. But hey, defund the police. In Arizona, where 126 miles of the new border wall has been completed in that state, border patrol agents are getting a break. Since walls keep people from crossing, in one area they are able to concentrate on a 5-mile stretch where a wall couldn’t be built because the land belongs to a Cocopah Reservation. Of course, now that’s where all the illegals are coming through, but it’s much easier to patrol. Walls indeed work.

Back in the day, before the pandemic lockdowns destroyed the economy, we had the lowest unemployment in at least half a century and for most demographics it was the lowest on record; women, youth, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, and those without a high-school diploma. Poverty rates for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans reached their lowest levels ever recorded. Manufacturing jobs, which Obama said would only come back with some magic wand, grew faster than they had for 30 years. The median household income was its highest ever recorded. But remember, Democrat politicians and left-leaning economists told you that all these indicators would all get worse during these past 4 years.

Regarding health care, hospitals are now required to post their standard prices for services including the discounted price they’re willing to accept. Gotta’ love transparency. VA employees are being held accountable for their actions, y’know, like other health care workers are. Thousands have been demoted, fired, or suspended so far. Also, these days, small businesses can group together to get better deals on employee health insurance, and people are allowed to try experimental treatments for their health issues without violating the law anymore.

Did you know that the US is now the largest producer of crude oil, larger than Russia and Saudi Arabia? Yup, now it’s true. And we are a natural gas exporter now for the first time in over 60 years.

And there are so many other good things that have happened in the current Presidential term. Recall that most of this happened while Democrats pushed a false “Russian collusion” narrative and investigation for over 2 years and tried a politicized impeachment. And now people are trying to tell you that you shouldn’t re-elect the President and instead hand over the reins to a guy who positions on the issues change depending who he’s talking to? Is he for fracking and the oil industry or is he against them? Is he for the Green New Deal or against it? He’s certainly against Supreme Court justices who will apply the law and leave their politics aside when making judgements. Will we go back to the useless Middle East policy that gave us no new peace deals for 30 years? What disastrous economic policies will be implemented?

This is the only thing I have to say for this episode; re-elect Donald Trump. You may not like his demeanor. Neither do I. You may not like his Tweets. Neither do I. You may not like some of his morals. Neither do I. I really, really wish I didn’t have to dislike these things about my President, and I hope a future Republican nominee has none of these issues. However, neither do I like abandoning policies that have had such good results for all Americans. Donald Trump has been what we always claimed we wanted; a President for all Americans. Right now we have one. Let’s re-elect him.

I’m Doug Payton and I approve this message.

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