Does God get any credit from Cuomo?

Many Democrats are bothered by the fact that their presumptive nominee for President is the old, white male that they have said only Republicans elect. But if you break that number down by race, you may be surprised by what you find. (Or not.)

Andrew Cuomo, governor of the state of New York, is pretty confident that the people have brought down the number of COVID-19 infections, and that God had no part in that. Interesting to hear coming from a Roman Catholic.

And a listener gives her thoughts about what she misses, is thankful for, and is sick and tired of during this pandemic.

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Show transcript

On the Facebook page for Consider This, I still have a pinned post that’s there for you to write what you’ve learned or enjoyed or missed or lost during this time of the pandemic. It’s there for you to let us know how this bit of insanity is affecting you.

Listener Barb put a comment on there recently, and there are some things she’s missing, and some things she’s thankful for. “I’ve missed the freedom to go out and run simple errands.  When you’re single and don’t have pets, it’s lonely and tough not to have normal human interaction.  Heck – I’ll take a hug at this point.  I am getting lots of old projects done, but it’s different when you have to do them because you can’t really do anything else vs. you want to do them.  I feel for the small businesses who may not survive and the people who can’t work.  I am very blessed to be able to afford to pay my bills, eat, and keep a shelter over my head!”

That’s absolutely true. Among all the things we may be missing are all the things we can be thankful for, because for everything that we’re thankful for, someone else may very well be missing it. Who’d have thought that we’d have cars lined up for miles to get something from a food bank? The unemployment that has come from the lockdown has hit many families hard. Don’t take what you have for granted, no matter how small it may seem to you.

Barb also has some things she could do without. “I also want to say that I’m sick and tired of all the political posturing regardless of the side of the aisle.  After 9/11, everyone really came together for a long period of time.  Today – not so much.  It’s very irritating.” As my Dad would have said, “Amen to that, sister.”

Getting back to politics, one of the things that I’ve had a good chuckle about is how the Democrats have painted themselves as the party of diversity, and yet their presumptive candidate for President is the old, white guy they keep complaining about. For all the diversity that their candidate pool had to choose from, they skipped over all of that. Who knew that the Democrats were so sexist and racist and homophobic? Well, choosing Biden doesn’t actually mean that, but that’s what they would say about Republicans doing the same thing. I’m just holding them to their own standard.

So here’s a question; are Democrats bothered by the fact that their candidate will be old and white and male? Well it turn out that Pew Research asked that very question. Overall, 41% of Democrats said yes, it does bother them. If you split this out by men and women, you still get 41% who are bothered by it. But when you break it down by race, you get some stats that long-time listeners to this podcast won’t be surprised by.

Among whites, 49% said they were bothered. And here’s the thing; among blacks, only 28% cared enough to be bummed about it. If you believed what the Left has been saying about race issues, you’d expect that number to be higher. And among Hispanics, that number was only 30%.

The obvious question is, why is this? Why are liberal whites more concerned about perceived racism than blacks or Hispanics? After having a 2-term black President, are they just not all that concerned about it at this point?

I’d like to suggest a different reason that may be in play here. About 4 years ago, in episode 143, I noted another poll taken of a particular group that asked if they were bothered by what appeared to be a symbol of racism. The result was that fully 90% of Native Americans were not bothered by the football team name and mascot of the Washington Redskins. Apparently, there were plenty of white liberals that were offended for them, but they didn’t bother asking the people themselves what they thought.

So yeah, when I see that blacks and Hispanics are not bothered by the race of a candidate as much as white liberals are bothered, I have to wonder if this is yet another case of those white liberals assuaging their own feelings of guilt, being offended for those who, themselves, are not offended. That’s not preventing racism; it’s actually conjuring it up out of thin air.

The city of New York has gone through a lot these past couple of months. Being such a hot spot of COVID-19 has taken its toll on the city. As governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo has been under a lot of pressure, no doubt, when it comes to planning and executing a response. But he said something recently that I was a little disappointed with.

Gov. Cuomo is a Roman Catholic. Keep that in mind as you listen to his explanation of how New York started to bring down the infection numbers. He drew a parallel with eating less leading to weight loss, and thus how what they did brought the infection numbers down.

[Cuomo – God did not do that]

Roman Catholic Andrew Cuomo said God did not do that. Now, coming at this question with the assumption of a belief in God, I have to wonder what he thinks God actually does. God may not manipulate your arms and legs and make you do stuff, but doesn’t he have any place in what’s happening? Since people have been praying to God about this crisis – which, presumably, Gov. Cuomo has also been doing – is the governor saying that God did not answer those prayers and instead left it all up to us? A Christian belief in God comes with the idea that he is working through those of us who know him (and sometimes through those who don’t know him; just ask the Pharaoh of Egypt in the time of Moses).

So yeah, a bit disappointed. If I could, I’d ask him, again as a fellow Christian, who gave him the will to lose weight and the willpower to do it?

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