Next stop on the slippery slope

“Just because same-sex marriage is legal doesn’t mean that other changes will be made, like polygamy!” That’s what they told us. And yet we keep slipping down that slope.

Democrats say the dardest things! Sometimes they’re funny and sometimes, well, let’s just say they’d never let a Republican get away with saying that.

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Show transcript

If you recall during the same-sex “marriage” debate, there were those, including me, who said that if you redefine marriage away from its traditional meaning, you render it meaningless. I’ll refer again to The Heck Podcast, one of my new favorite podcasts hosted by Peter Heck. He recently noted that we didn’t redefine marriage so much as we undefined it. Once you take the 1-man-1-woman standard and change it so that the genders don’t matter, it’s not a stretch at all to then say that the numbers don’t matter. Critics said that this was a Slippery Slope logical fallacy. I don’t agree that all appeals to a slippery slope are wrong, because this one at least had a consistency with what came before; appealing to higher up the slope to suggest the next slip down.

Which brings us to a bill in the Utah state legislature that is, what I might say is, the second-to-last step down the slope in legalizing polygamy. SB102 is moving along after hearing testimony from those who say the current anti-polygamy law labels otherwise law-abiding citizens as criminals. One could say that about laws against speeding, so that’s not much of a defense to me, but speaking of speeding, SB102 would make the penalty for polygamy less serious than some traffic tickets.

The late Andrew Breitbart would say, “Politics is downstream from culture”, meaning that our laws are made generally after our culture has accepted something. Our laws reflect our society’s values. There is a lot of truth to that, but in today’s climate, when 5 Supreme Court justices can decree legal abortion and same-sex “marriage”, rather than waiting for cultural acceptance, so much happens so fast, and it’s not good for society. Consider this; even though the high court had intended Roe v Wade to be the last word on the subject regarding politics and the law (and Democrats certainly hope it is), the issue is still a major dividing line in the culture. And once some issue is decided at the political level, it’s very hard to bring the culture back from the edge of the cliff, or the slope.

So while many citizens of the state of Utah may not realize it, polygamy is being accepted more and more by their elected officials. Yes, I understand the history of the Mormons there, and that this goes on mostly under the radar, but I think most people there may wake up one day in a Utah they don’t recognize, click their heels together 3 times, and find out there’s no place like it was.

I’ve got a couple of audio clips I want to play for you. One is humorous, the other is, I think, a little disturbing. Let’s start off with disturbing and end with humor.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto was interviewing Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn, a Democrat and a black man, about presidential candidates, especially Michael Bloomberg vs Trump, and especially considering some of the things Bloomberg had said about African-Americans in the past. Clyburn responded that he thought Trump had said some bad things about African-Americans as well, so Neil brought it back to the actual job performance question.

[Cavuto / Clyburn audio]

Wow, I’ll just let that one sit and marinate for a moment. The statistics about African-American unemployment being the lowest ever are wrong because…slavery. Understand, this is not coming from some random Twitter user, or some obscure politician; this is a man elected by his caucus in the House of Representatives to a position just behind Majority Leader. A Republican, white or black, could never say that without severe backlash from Democrats and the media. (I know, same thing.) And a worse case of Trump Derangement Syndrome you’re not likely to see anytime soon. I sincerely hope that black voters really consider the performance of the President more than his personality. One is his job. The other, as awful and childish and embarrassing as it may be in the opinion of me and many others, is not.

OK, let’s end this segment on a lighter note. At the Democratic Presidential debate in Las Vegas, there was one point where, over some crosstalk, Amy Klobuchar revealed her ingenious plan to eradicate misogyny.

[Klobuchar audio]

To cheers and applause, she suggested that if only a woman were nominated for President, this would all be behind us. If that would work, it would be one the greatest, and quickest, achievements of the federal government. I just have this feeling that it’s been tried before, and rather recently as well. I’ll have to research that and get back to you.

But in the meantime, I have a similar idea. I bet that if we nominated a black man for President it would end racism on the Internet. And if he were elected President, I imagine it would end racism completely, everywhere. Yeah, I have a dream.

So let’s hear what you think. It really baffles me how Trump’s economic successes can be so easily brushed off like that. I could understand saying something like it’s nice that this benefits African-Americans, and then perhaps to bring up some other issue and say that this or that was why he could never support Trump. But to deny the truth because of some weird connection to slavery is way out there. And let’s not forget that Obama and the Democrats said that this sort of economic expansion was impossible.

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