The Laboratories of Democracy sometimes fail

Ah, the states, those laboratories of democracy. The idea is to see if a policy works in one before using it in another, or before taking it nationally. But if something fails in one state, why would you take it up in another.

President Trump bad-mouthed NATO allies who weren’t paying their agreed-upon support to the alliance. He was criticized for that, but guess what’s been happening?

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Show transcript

California has had a rather strange way of dealing with crime. One of the ways they’ve tried is to make fewer things crimes, raising the bar on drug possession and theft. What they got were more drug use and theft. Add this to the rash of homelessness that this liberal utopia is experiencing, and you now excuse even more of their behavior, in addition to making the streets their personal bathroom.

Apparently, these brilliant ideas have found their way east to Oklahoma, where they have the highest incarcerations rates of any state. Therefore, they’ve decided to remedy that and release prisoners. They, too, have downgraded drug and theft crimes, and then, to put the cherry on top, they made those changes retroactive. This led to the single largest prison release in one day in our nation’s history when 462 felons walked out the door on November 4.

But here’s the thing. Prepare for a bit of whiplash. While it’s Democrats doing this to California, it’s Republicans not learning the lesson and doing this to Oklahoma. The result is, of course, what you would expect. That’s not me just blowing smoke. In mid-November, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office announced a new task force to combat the growing burglary trend and he placed the blame squarely on the new laws. A spokesman for the Oklahoma County sheriff’s office noted that these thieves will take calculators with them to make sure they steal less than the new law’s $1,000 threshold.

So the lesson should be that if you open the prison doors, you’re probably going to get more crime. Imagine that!

In the Making NATO Great Again department, President Trump has done what other Presidents wouldn’t do; call deadbeat nations on the carpet and get them to start paying their fair share. Trump summarized this in a tweet. “In the 3 decades before my election, NATO spending declined by two-thirds, and only 3 other NATO members were meeting their financial obligations. Since I took office, the number of NATO allies fulfilling their obligations more than DOUBLED, and NATO spending increased by $130B!”

I have a few Facebook friends who insist that our position on the world stage has been diminished by Trump and his poor character and un-presidential-like conduct. I do have to say, and have said here before, that his words many times do embarrass me, as someone who voted for him. His bluster is not appreciated and I wish he’d quit tweeting altogether.

But at the same time, other nations understand the difference between his bluster and his policies, which is something more Americans need to understand. He is getting things done, especially in this case when this is not a conservative or liberal issue; it’s a simple matter of fairness.

(I will say that various countries around the world who signed the Paris Accords supposedly agreed to cut carbon emissions. Just keep their failure to follow-through there in mind.)

Trump says mean, stupid, and awful things. His character is questionable. I would prefer someone more presidential in the job. In the meantime, he’s still light-years ahead than the socialists running the Democratic Party.

And this just in: 20% of Bernie Sanders supporters, those who view him “very favorably” in a recent poll, say they would never vote for a socialist for President. Apparently, this group has no idea what he stands for, they clearly aren’t paying attention, but they’re still going to vote. Abandon hope, all ye who consider this.

Well, that’s all I have for this time. No, nothing about impeachment. I’m just not all bothered by it. Yes, it’s rather historic, in a McCarthy-ism way, but until such time as there is demonstrated an impeachable crime, who cares? It’s all in how you read a few lines of a phone call, and the witnesses that have been paraded before the various committees have either not been actual first-hand witnesses to anything, or they can’t give a definite answer as to whether a crime occurred. Just as you see in the wider culture from the Left, disagreement is heresy, or in this case, a high crime. So until there is an actual blockbuster reported (as opposed to the overuse of that term by the media), I’m going to ignore it in the podcast.

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