Whistleblower hits close to home?

The whistleblower has been fired! That darn Donald Trump; how could he? No, not that whistleblower. This one was fired by those protecting the identity and job of the other one. Ironic.

If the Senate has to take up the impeachment trial this year or early next, this could cause an awkward situation for some Democrats running for President.

Richard Dawkins, noted atheist, is changing his mind about Christianity, or at least about how the idea of a belief in God changes behavior. He’s not converting, but he’s seeing how the lack of such belief (that is, how human nature on its own) doesn’t seem to work as well.

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Show transcript

Looks like the whistleblower got fired. That darn Trump, how could he? Well, no, not the Ukrainian whistleblower; ABC News fired the one who leaked to Project Veritas a video of reporter Amy Robach complaining about how the network sat on her interview with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers for 3 years. Well, not the actual whistleblower; just one of the people who had access to the tape. They never proved she leaked it. Well, she doesn’t work for ABC now; she works for CBS, and they fired her for that unproven allegation.

Well, then the actual leaker (who is going by the pseudonym “Ignotus” which is Latin for “unknown”) released a letter through Project Veritas saying that they got the wrong person. What insanity.

And what collusion! ABC gets exposed for spiking a story about one of the worst serial pedophiles ever, and instead of owning up to it, they collude with a competitor to fire the person who might be responsible! Just keep that in mind when you hear reporters and pundits on either network covering the Ukrainian phone call whistleblower. Wow, what hypocrisy!

Well, it looks like impeachment is coming over that phone call to the Ukrainian president. Democrats have been looking at this literally since the day after Election Day 2016, so this is just more #Resistance. The Mueller Report didn’t live up to the hype so now it’s this. If it’s not this, they’ll look for something else, which is why it’s so hard to take their outrage seriously.

Nancy Pelosi would like to fast-track this, but their hopes for a Thanksgiving impeachment don’t look like a possibility, so they put it on their Christmas list. So if the House impeaches Trump (which is like indicting him), then the Senate holds the trial.

But here’s the thing. If the Senate uses the rules from the last impeachment trial in 1999, then hearings would begin promptly at 1 p.m. six days a week, Monday through Saturday. This includes the attendance of Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, and Michael Bennet, all of whom are running a presidential campaign. If an impeachment trial happens anytime late this year or early next year, it’ll run up against the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries.

Advantage: Uncle Joe Biden.

Two and a half years ago, I mentioned that famed anti-religion atheist Richard Dawkins had begrudgingly admitted that Christianity in the western world was something of a necessity. He observed that there were no Christians that he was aware of blowing up buildings or themselves in order to kill apostates, and so he said, “I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity, in so far as Christianity might be a bulwark against something worse.”

As time has passed, Mr. Dawkins has grown in that belief and expanded it beyond just that he couldn’t name any radicalized Christians. It’s not just that Christians aren’t killing people in the name of their faith, it’s that their faith also spurs them to do good. Jonathan Van Maren, writing at LifeSite, describes very well the latest evolution, so to speak, of his thoughts.

Dawkins discusses these ideas further in his latest book, Outgrowing God. “Whether irrational or not, it does, unfortunately, seem plausible that, if somebody sincerely believes God is watching his every move, he might be more likely to be good,” he confessed begrudgingly. “I must say that I hate that idea. I want to believe that humans are better than that. I’d like to believe I’m honest whether anyone is watching or not.” While this realization is not a good enough reason for him to believe in God, Dawkins says, he now realizes that the affirmation of God’s existence does benefit society. For example, Dawkins admitted, “It might bring the crime right down.”

He’s gone from Christianity being less bad to being “more good”. That’s certainly a leap, considering how he has suggested that parents should not be allowed to instill religion into their children. Now, he’s not a convert…yet. He still thinks the belief itself is useful though he doesn’t believe there’s an actual God out there. Religion is just utilitarian to him, and that’s fine. One step at a time.

And finally, our stockpiles are surging because of anticipated increased demand that hasn’t happened yet. I speak, of course, of our herds of pigs. C’mon people, it’s time to literally bring home the bacon.

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