James Younger

A 7-year-old boy is the latest victim in a sexual orthodoxy that will not let you disagree with it. The father is trying to save him from a gender transitioning that he is convinced was brought on at the urging of his mother since the boy was 3.

Can a 7-year-old really make that kind of decision?

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Show transcript

This is the story of James Younger. He’s 7 years old, and he and his twin brother Jude come from a broken home. The breaking of the home seems to have started soon after the twins were born. The husband, Jeff Younger, started noticing strange behavior by his wife, Anne Georgulas.

Well, it appears to me that strange behavior was there from the start. According to Jeff, they had quite the “prenup”. “In the prenuptial agreement we disclosed our education, all assets that we owned, and our income levels, with proof pay stubs and everything. In addition, we gave each other Social Security numbers, and driver’s license numbers in order [to do] a background check.”

Interesting. Anyway, after the twins were born, things got stranger. “She had told me at one point she was seeing lights. She had a couple of mental breakdowns where she would just pass through every human emotion about every 20 to 30 seconds.”

And when the twins were 3 years old, she started something else; telling one of the twins, James, that he was a girl. In a video posted on YouTube, James says, “Mommy says that I’m a girl.” More than that, she would dress him in dresses, put hair clips in his hair, and paint his nails. On his fifth birthday, Anne made it something of a “coming out” party. He wore a dress in public there even though everyone who was in pre-K with him knew him as a boy. In school now, he’s referred to as Luna.

But the thing is, now that the parents are separated, James, who is now 7, gets out of his girl clothes and puts on his boy clothes when it’s time for his visits with dad. While there, James and Jude enjoy wrestling, plastic sword fighting, playing “nature detective” (searching for animal tracks and identifying bugs and plants) and playing video games. When a reporter from LifeSiteNews.com showed up, James referred to himself as James.

His mother, Anne, however, got court orders to keep his dad Jeff from saying anything at school other than this is a girl named Luna. That is, he’s required, by court order, to lie about his son. He can’t even say that to his son. The mother also recently won a jury trial which requires all visits by the dad to be supervised. But here’s the kicker; she now has the permission of the court to start transitioning James, including the administering of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. It probably won’t be happening soon, but she has the go-ahead.

She has this permission because she got a counselor to claim that James has “gender dysphoria”, even though he does not actually meet the requirements of that diagnosis. And at least the fact that James changes his preferred identity depending on the parent he’s with should be sending up red flags.

But alas, there are no flags on this play.

Matt Walsh at the Daily Wire has been beating the drum on this case, so much so that he got #SaveJamesYounger trending in the US on Twitter. He notes one really interesting angle to this. Originally, James wanted to take the name Starfire as his female name, but his mother urged him to choose a different name. Odd that he can decide to change his gender, but she won’t let him pick his new name. But the bigger deal here is where he got his new name from; a girl superhero on “Teen Titans Go!”, his favorite cartoon. This is a game to him, a fantasy. He doesn’t think he’s a girl; he thinks he’s a cartoon superhero who happens to be a girl. He identifies as a girl about as much as, when he pretend swordfights, he identifies as Sir Galahad. And as I’ve asked before, can he also decide that he doesn’t need a bedtime and have Cap’n Crunch for supper every day? I bet you his mom won’t allow those decisions, but based on a cartoon character and the brainwashing of his mother, at some point he’s going to be pumped full of drugs to make lasting changes to his body.

And searching the TV news websites while I putting this episode together – CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC – I found no mention of this. The papers; NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Washington Times? Nothing. And yet this courtroom ordeal (well, at least the part about transitioning James)  has been going on for over 18 months.

Save James, indeed, but save us all from a culture and a judicial process that makes something like this bit of child abuse possible. That’s the story. The divorce is bad enough, but it doesn’t rate national news. What should be national news is that people are being bullied into, not just tolerating, but affirming that this insanity is a good thing. The Right has been accused for decades of wanting a theocracy and wanting to police what people think, and yet a better example of exactly that you would be hard-pressed to find. Well, you might not find much of it now, but the slope, it is exceedingly slippery. I know because we’ve seen the slippage year after year until now 7-year olds are the cannon fodder in the culture war. But it is indeed a religious war where they enforce their orthodoxy using their high priests of judges, psychologists, and counselors that drank the cultist’s Kool-Aid. And if you can bully the populace into understanding the ramifications of heresy, you can get a jury to agree.

I’m sounding harsh, I know. But something like this ought to be a wake-up call. Let’s start with legislation. If you can’t drink, smoke, vote, or dress yourself, you shouldn’t be allowed to make such life- and body-altering decisions. But legislation isn’t the cure-all. We need to change hearts and minds. The law is just a stop-gap measure.

It starts with #SaveJamesYounger.

Some late-breaking good news on this front is that this past Friday the 25th, the judge said that the parents will have joint custody so that Jeff will have a say in this gender transition. Of course, what that “say” will actually consist of is yet to be known. Ad remember, chemically castrating your child is perfectly fine, but spanking them; that’s abuse.

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