Does Beto value human life?

Yet another large study reveals more issues of mental health among transgendered people. The researchers expect more but the magnitude shocked them. It should shock all of us. But which came first?

Beto O’Roarke was asked about the value of human life. Should be an easy question, but when it’s asked about a baby one day before he or she is born, things get dicey.

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Show transcript

Back in episode 192, about 2 years ago, I discussed the shockingly high suicide rate of transgendered people. Their rate is 10-20 times that of the population in general. In that episode, I discussed why I thought this was not largely the result of societal pressures to conform to gender norms. My thought is that the biggest pressure was not coming from outside but from inside.

A new study tends to confirm this. 62,500 students from several dozen colleges and universities in America responded to questions about their mental health. Of them, about 1,200 of them “said they had an alternate gender identity, meaning they do not identify with the gender that matches their birth sex.” That’s about 2% of the total. Of those, almost 80% of these “gender-minority” students said they had one or more mental health issues. But of their cisgendered peers, only 45% reported the same thing.

The study’s lead author, health law professor Sarah Ketchen Lipson, was not surprised to find this, but she said, “The direction of the findings is not surprising, but the fact that there are these disparities, and magnitude of that disparity, as a researcher, it makes you take a step back and run the numbers over and over.” Indeed but the question is which came first; the mental health issue or the transgenderism?

More numbers from the study should also cause alarm bells to go off.  Of the “gender-minority” students, 58% reported having depression and 53% reported having caused themselves intentional self-harm. Of the cisgendered, those numbers are 30 and 20 respectively.

The Left will want to say the mental health issues came as a result of societal discrimination, but if that’s all it takes to cause them, why is the suicide rate of whites 3 times higher than blacks, or why are such issues significantly higher among gays even in countries where attitudes towards them have been much more favorable for much longer than here? Before we proclaim the problem to be society, we really ought to understand what’s really going on.

Meanwhile, actress Charlize Theron proclaimed that her son Jackson decided that he was really a girl at age 3 and has been raising him as transgendered for the past 4 years. No word on whether Jackson also got to eat Cocoa Puffs for every meal or decide that he didn’t need a bedtime.

I’ve been documenting just how little regard for life these Democrats have. We’ve heard how the governor of Virginia would be fine with delivering a healthy baby, and then leave it on the table waiting for the mother to decide whether to kill it or not. New York State allows abortions right up until the child has been fully birthed.

Democratic presidential candidates are now basically running on this as a plank on the party platform. This is a recording of someone asking a question of Beto O’Rourke, but it certainly sounds like what any of the other candidates might say.

[Beto audio]

Ah, and the enthusiastic applause just indicates that, while Beto said that he thought the questioner’s life had value the day before he was born, Beto and company really don’t think that. If they did, they’d take steps to protect him just like the US government would do one day after he was born. You say his life had value, but your actions are speaking louder.

And finally, a motorist in Washington state was pulled over by the side of the highway, and a state trooper stopped to see if he could help. That’s when he found the driver was playing the mobile phone game Pokemon Go. Now, since the guy wasn’t actually driving at the time, Sgt. Kyle Smith couldn’t actually give him a ticket. What he did get was an agreement that, before driving again, the driver would put the phones in his back seat. That’s right, I said phones. See, this guy made cutouts in a piece of foam for all 8 phones running the game. Seems he really wanted to catch ‘em all.

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