The state of California is asking that pastors, educators, legislators, and just about everyone else, to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism. It’s asking politely now, but is this just the start? And how, in the name of the First Amendment, is this even a thing anyway?

Antifa, that wonderful organization that opposes fascism (hey, it’s in the name, right), uses fascist tactics to physically beat up journalists covering them. But the media want to give them a pass. Hey, nobody’s perfect, right Don Lemon?

OPEC looks like it will try to drive up the price of oil, but we may not feel it quite as much here in America. I’ll tell you why. (Thank you, Sarah Palin!)

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Show transcript

In Orwellian news on the Religious Freedom front, California has decided that churches promoting Biblical teachings are just a bit too much for their sensibilities. Linked to in the show notes is this article from World Magazine, which reports news from a Christian worldview:

The California State Assembly passed a resolution on Monday calling on religious leaders and others with “moral influence” to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism. The resolution asks counselors, pastors, churches, educators, schools, legislators, and others to avoid supporting traditional and Biblical views of sexuality, which the measure claims can cause suicide and depression.

Y’know, I remember when liberals agreed with the statement that “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it.” Ah, those were the days.

Now, this is not a law, it’s just a resolution, but how is this even a resolution? How in the world does the California state government think it has any right to tell anybody what they ought to be saying? There is a fine line here between speech that is called for an d speech that is mandated. What if some pastors choose not to do this? Then what?

And of course, this runs afoul of two clauses of the First Amendment; free exercise of religion and free speech. The Left claims that the Right is “shredding the Constitution”, and then they do this. Is there no self-awareness among California Democrats, or must constitutional rights always bow before their social agenda? I think we are seeing the answer to that.

The Antifa terrorist group (and I have no problem calling them that given their actions) has a long history of violence in pursuit of their cause whatever that is. They use fascist tactics in pursuit of what they consider fascism. The most recent exhibit in this case is how they beat up journalist Andrew Ngo at a Portland, Oregon “rally”. And a link in the show notes shows that they have a habit of beating up on journalists; this is most certainly not the first time.

And yet the left-leaning media just love to cover for them. Late last year Don Lemon proclaimed their pure intentions.

[Don Lemon audio, “It’s right there in the name!”]

When I asked him if he thought Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority” back in the 80s was indeed moral and constituted a majority, just because it was their name, he thoughtfully responded,


OK, so I just asked him in my own mind, but I have a feeling he’s more inclined to believe the names of left-wing organization than right-wing ones. I imagine, you decide.

And look, indeed no organization is perfect. I’m sure that’s some comfort to the journalists that have been harassed and assaulted by them. Y’know, Donald Trump calls the media all manner of names, and the media rip him up for it, rightly so in some cases. But Antifa beats up the media, and the media cover for them. I guess violence on the Left is just the cost of doing business, as long as they agree with your cause.

OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, met last week, as they periodically do, to decide how to manipulate the oil supply so they can best maximize profits while keeping the world economy moving along. Issues like Iran in the Straits of Hormuz and internal trade disputes are caused some uncertainty in their deliberations. Oil prices are expected to go up.

They will at the gas pump here most likely, but I’m guessing it not as much as we’d expect. That’s because America is getting more energy independent every year, so we don’t have to rely on buying oil from countries that hate us. Crude oil production here keeps climbing mostly because of a boom in shale oil production.

And what party has done its darndest to try to keep that independence from happening? Why the Democrats, of course. The only reason we finally became a net exporter of oil during the Obama administration is because the states opened up drilling. Obama curtailed drilling on federal land, but then took credit when our total oil output increased. It had nothing to do with him. He just got out in front of a parade that was already happening and proclaimed himself the leader.

How did we do this? Let’s ask Sarah Palin. [Drill, baby, drill!]

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