Let’s be consistent

Are we practicing consistency with our principles? Do they apply them equally to everyone, even those in our “tribe”? In this episode, I’ll show 3 examples of where this isn’t being done on the Left.

Do you have examples of where this is not being done on the Right? Add a comment here or look in the sidebar for way to let me know via email, phone, or on social media.

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Show transcript

There has been a rush these days to tear down statues of people of history who don’t live up to the standards of the present. Sure, the Founding Fathers created one of the most free and prosperous nations in history, but they owned slaves, and therefore they should not be credited or honored for anything. Sure, Winston Churchill led his country and the world in defeating Fascism, but he had racist views of the superiority of whites, so tear down his statutes. And more recently, the #MeToo movement has caused TV stations to cancel showing reruns of The Cosby Show because of what Bill Cosby has been convicted of.

What these incidents tell us is that people are not perfect, which should come as a surprise to no one. It also tells us that when we learn about famous people, their faults should not be hidden while discussing their accomplishments. We should always keep in mind the flawed nature of humans, but I don’t think this means we should therefore erase their positive accomplishments. But tearing down statues is one of the indicators that many on the Left want to do just that.

Which brings us to the latest famous person with significant personal flaws. This man is responsible for some great and far-reaching reforms to society, and he’s been rightly honored for them for over half a century. However, new information has come out that suggests that he was complicit in rape, possibly on multiple occasions, and for “locker room talk” as bad or worse than even Donald Trump. I don’t want to get into specifics, because I try to keep this show generally PG-rated, but there’s a link in the show notes to an article detailing them.

There are statues to this man around the country, streets and buildings named for him. Is it time to rename and remove these? Is it time to give the same treatment to…Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Well, all of a sudden I can hear the brakes being slammed. But let me tell you, I don’t think we should be doing the repeal and replace dance with MLK, any more than we should be doing it with Thomas Jefferson or Christopher Columbus. If perfection is the standard, no one can live up to it. We should be able to acknowledge something good a man or woman did without having to erase it because of a personal failing or not living up to 20th century social standards.

In this, I am being consistent. Will the Left be consistent in their beliefs, or will this again be all about politics?

I’d like to thank my sister for the link to this next story, which is of course in the show notes. After months of investigation, and dozens of people interviewed, the investigation done by the law firm McGuireWoods into the racist photographs on the personal yearbook page of Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has reached its end. Their conclusion is that it’s inconclusive whether or not the picture, which Gov. Northam initially apologized for being in and then recanted, actually is him. One person is in blackface, and the other in a KKK hood and robe.

Now you know full well that if he were Republican, merely having such a picture on, again, his personal yearbook page would have “proved” he was racist and Democrats would be all over the news calling for his resignation. Instead, we have a collective yawn and the sound of moving on.

I don’t necessarily think that a picture from 35 years ago makes one bit of difference today. You would need to look at the actions of the person since then and weigh them against a slice of college life. This should be true for all, but the Left will not agree. Just compare their reaction to photographic evidence with the unsubstantiated and uncorroborated charges against Brett Kavanaugh and how they passed judgement on him so quickly.

In this, I am being consistent. Will the Left be consistent in their beliefs, or will this again be all about politics?

The Trump economy has been blazing along, in spite of the shortest of shrift the media have been giving it. The Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers gives us a very interesting view of who the economy has been benefiting more. In the past year, wage growth was 6.6% for the 10th percentile of workers with the lowest incomes. That’s double the 3.3% growth rate for workers at the top of the income distribution. This means that the poorest among us are benefiting at a disproportionate rate. Further, this sort of news, should it become a trend, would work to reduce income disparity.

This would normally be considered a great thing by the Left and the Media. Instead, they’re busy trying to find the cloud behind the silver lining. Here is news that they’d love under a Democratic administration, but now? Meh, orange man bad. They simply will not be consistent with their reactions to the news.

Income disparity has never really been a big deal for me, but I’ve always been of the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats. This is exactly what’s happening, and it’s a very good thing, more so because whatever Trump is doing – whether by specific policy or by just getting out of the way by reducing regulations and giving businesses more freedom – he needs to keep doing it. But you just know the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates will promise to screw it up.

If they were consistent, the Left would love this, but instead it’s all about politics.

And meanwhile, in New York state, you can abort you baby on its way out of the womb, but you might not be able to declaw your cats anymore, if the governor signs the bill. Priorities!

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