The crisis on the border is real

Colleges and universities are supposedly where free speech and association are encouraged. Well, I have an example of where the students were all for those until they realized that it meant freedom for everyone, and there were some groups for whom they simply couldn’t allow that.

The Border Patrol has its hands full, literally. The detention centers and courts that process illegal immigrants are not able to handle the surge of people coming across the border. But hey, it’s not like it’s a crisis or anything.

And, oh yes, kittens.

Mentioned links:

Iowa State student government opposes freedom of association after learning it protects Christians

Democrats fight for kittens’ right to life after voting to kill born-alive babies

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Report: DHS to Release 1.8K Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens into U.S. over Weekend

Immigration court backlog up 300%, system ‘on brink of collapse’

Authorities move to shut down ‘national puppy laundering ring’ with ties to Chicago pet stores

From listener Barb:

ICE dropped off 300 migrants in Phoenix. Will the city help?

Phoenix director: ICE not legally obligated to house released migrants

Greyhound won’t let US drop migrants in depots

Valley pastor pleads for help housing asylum seekers released by ICE

As migrant family crisis strains volunteer network, no help to be found from Ducey or City of Phoenix

The Greyhound bus terminal is about 1/2 mile away from a Honeywell facility where I worked for 10 years, and is on the main road that runs between the car rental return facility and the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.  The I-10 freeway runs overhead just barely to the left (west) of the building.  It is a major intersection with 4 lanes each way, plus turning lanes.  The homeless have camped out under those freeway overpasses for years, and I always saw them when I worked at the airport office.  The radio station reported earlier this week that some of the migrants are also camping out there now.  I drove by the bus station to and from work every day for 10 years, so I’m very familiar with this area.  No shelter, no food establishments nearby (to get food or water), no bathrooms.  Nothing but the west end of the airport.   It’s just about the hottest part of the city due to all the concrete (and reeks of airplane exhaust), with no shade other than a few mesquite and palo verde trees and the freeway overpasses.  We have been lucky so far this spring, but temperatures are expected to hit 90 early next week.  Just wait a few months until it’s summertime, and the daytime highs climb above 105 degrees, into the 110’s.

This IS a human crisis, and anyone who says it isn’t doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about.  We’ve been overloaded for months, and have absolutely hit a crisis point.  If the local newspapers and one radio station (KTAR news/talk – they are awesome) weren’t reporting about it, you wouldn’t hear a thing.  The politicians are keeping mum.  Churches have been networking amongst themselves behind the scenes for months – I told you a few weeks ago that our main synod office sent out a plea for help – I haven’t spoken with the friend who works there lately, but she was coordinating the plea.  No idea how that is going.

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Show transcript

No, nothing about the Mueller Report this time out. It was just released on Friday, the Attorney General hasn’t released his summary of it, and so it’s too much of a breaking story. I’ll give it attention once the dust settles. In the meantime, since it’s been announced that there will be no more indictments as a result of it, expect to see a lot of goalposts being dug up and moved, and a lot of tweets being retweeted that did not age well.

Ah academia, that bastion of free speech, where you will get your preconceived notions challenged in a lively arena of debate, and where you are free to speak your own mind without fear of censorship. After all, the remedy for bad speech is not censorship, but more good speech.

Well, sadly, while that might have been the case in days gone by, it’s not anymore. As an example, I present to you Iowa State. Now I will say that initially the student government voted in support of state legislation that would protect the free speech and free association of college student groups. But this support flip-flopped quickly once they realized the legislation would also protect groups run by…Christians.

Christian campus groups sometimes have requirements that their leaders adhere to actual Christian teachings. That is to say, some deny leadership to students who, in part, refuse to follow biblical sexuality rules. This excludes students who refuse to abstain from same-sex romantic relationships or sexual activity.

Now you see the problem. You can keep your freedom of association if you like your freedom of association, unless it conflicts with the Left’s hierarchy of intersectionality. That’s something the “tolerant” Left can’t tolerate. That’s something the “free-thinkers” can’t bear the thought of.

But that’s the 21st century Left for you.

Senator Jeff Merkley, Democrat from Oregon, has introduced legislation to stop the slaughter of animals used in testing; specifically kittens. His bill is called “Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now”, with the acronym KITTEN. Yeah, remember what I said recently about the REINS Act, where it appears a lot of legislation gets a name that tries to back itself into a clever acronym? Here’s exhibit B.

Here’s the good senator’s issue and solution, “The KITTEN Act will protect these innocent animals from being needlessly euthanized in government testing, and make sure that they can be adopted by loving families instead.” That sounds good until you try this with another issue. As they say on Twitter, now do that for…abortion. Will he now introduce a bill that will protect these innocent babies from being needlessly killed, and make sure they can be adopted by loving families instead?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a painting I call “Inversion of Priorities”. With all the major Democratic presidential candidates coming out for 3rd, and in some cases 4th, trimester abortions, painting them with a broad brush isn’t unfair; it’s what they themselves have said.

But hey, they think you should vote for them because…kittens!

The Border Patrol has its hands full, literally. When illegals cross the border, they put them in detention centers to await processing by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE. But they’ve got a problem.

In February, the Border Patrol caught 66,450 migrants, a 38 percent increase from January and one of the highest monthly totals of the last decade. They’ve run out of places to put them and so, during a couple days in McAllen, Texas, they released 250 of them, and expected to release more later. In El Paso, they released about 1,800 recently. Migrants are told when to report for a court date and, in the case of McAllen, Texas, turned over to local shelters to house them, though many of them are standing room only. Oh, and those courts? The American Bar Association is warning of an “existential crisis” over the unprecedented surge in the number of immigration cases clogging up courts.

It almost sounds like there’s some sort of, y’know, crisis on the border. Who knew?

Listener Barb comments on it from her perspective in Arizona.

In Phoenix, they are being dropped off at the Greyhound bus station with NO money, NO food, nada. They can’t go anywhere. They are sleeping out on the streets, like the homeless – since they are homeless and have nowhere to go. The churches have been overwhelmed and are tapped out of resources since this has been ongoing for months- maybe almost a year now (I’ve lost track of time). Anyone who thinks this isn’t a problem should come here and see it for themselves.

But hey, it’s not like it’s a crisis, right? Barb sent me a few other links as well as her own, first-hand account of what’s been happening near her. Those will all be in the show notes. It’s heartbreaking, but apparently, according to Democrats, it’s not a crisis. Move along, nothing to see here.

Now I will say that I don’t agree that yet another unilateral executive action by the President is the solution. What I am saying is that there is a crisis, and a wall would most certainly ease the problem, and Democrats would rather play politics with it. Their new-found concern over spending is so disingenuous, and their new-found disinterest in illegal immigration is so convenient. They were for it before they were against it, just a few years ago.

And finally, there’s a link in the show notes to a story with the headline, “Authorities move to shut down ‘national puppy laundering ring’ with ties to Chicago pet stores”. I guess I’m trying to figure out how a gang that washes your pets is a bad thing.

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