Enjoying Democrat privilege

Listener Mark has a better suggestion than the REINS Act for reducing the tentacles of the bureaucratic state; scrap it.

Have you noticed a difference in how Democrats and the media treat similar scandals regarding the two parties? I have, and here’s the latest example.

Baby Thomas was born recently to a father who finds amazing healing from him and a reason to live. Listen in to understand why.

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Alfie Evans’ dad says new baby has given him a reason to live after son’s death

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Show transcript

Back in episode 240, listener Phil let me know about a bill that would reduce the power of the bureaucratic government to essentially act like a legislature; passing regulations themselves with as much force behind them as laws passed in Congress. Briefly, the REINS act would require Congress to approve new executive branch regulations rather than only getting involved to remove a regulation if they don’t like it.

Well, listener Mark has a better idea; scrap the bureaucracy. Here’s what he had to say:

We don’t need a REINS act. We need to repeal the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946. This was the (unconstitutional) law that granted executive branch agencies the power to pass binding regulations upon the people. Get rid of this and the whole problem ends.

He sent me a link to the Wikipedia article describing the APA. It was passed in 1946 and signed by President Harry Truman in order to govern the way in which administrative agencies of the federal government can propose and establish regulations. Now, the way I understand it, the APA then grants the judiciary oversight over all agency actions, meaning that someone can sue on the basis of the constitutionality of a regulation. And, of course, Congress can override them as well.

From my reading of the article, the APA was designed to make the rule-making process uniform and transparent. It didn’t establish the rule-making itself, which had been going on for some time already. In fact, it was FDR who laid the foundation for this because of all the new agencies he created in 1933 as part of the New Deal. Congress was alarmed that these departments and agencies were increasing in power with no oversight. The APA set up that oversight structure, striking a balance, some claimed, between the desire for more extensive government and the fear of dictatorship.

Of course it’s easy to go from the former to the latter. If the folks back then only knew what the New Deal power grab would result in…well, they might have still wanted it.

But here’s the thing; repealing the APA won’t, I think, neuter these agencies. According to Wikipedia, The Source of All True Knowledge™, the bureaucracy was already there doing what bureaucracies do. This law at least gave us a chance to rein in, if you will, their unchecked power. What the REINS act does is slow them down, because clearly the APA hasn’t done that very much. It just meant that we could see just how fast they were taking away our rights. Now, this wouldn’t be the first time the source of all true knowledge got something wrong, or slanted something, but from what I see, the APA is a solution whose time came, it did its thing, but now it needs some reworking since the bureaucratic state has continued to metastasize.

Thanks Mark for the information and your feedback. If you are interested in more of what he has to say, go to TheConservativeZone.com where you’ll find his blog. The link, as always, is in the show notes.

When Brett Kavanaugh was having his Senate hearing prior to his Supreme Court confirmation vote, he was accused of sexual assault when he was in school. No corroborating evidence was ever presented, but the accusation itself was enough for Democrats and the media to make a big news story for days of wanting to remove his nomination.

When Jussie Smollett accused two MAGA-hat-wearing, white guys of racism and assaulting him, the media and Hollywood Leftists pronounced judgement on America, suggesting that this was what our country was like today, without any corroborating evidence.

Then Virginia governor Ralph Northam got in trouble. A picture was shown on the college yearbook page highlighting him of two people; one in blackface and one in a KKK outfit. Additionally, the Lt. Governor has had accusations of sexual assault leveled against him, and also the state Attorney General admitted to have been in blackface. But the Democrats and their apologists in the media, after a short tut-tutting of these revelations, have left these stories to (hopefully) quietly die away. Especially with the governor, there is corroborating evidence, but you see, all of them are Democrats. Governor Northam is likely to remain governor with hardly any backlash from Democrats or the media.

As I asked last time, people talk about “white privilege”, but what kind of privilege is this? Media privilege? Democrat privilege? Well, yes, and yes.

Little Tommy was born to a British couple 6 months ago. His dad says that this little boy, who was named after him, has given him a reason to live. That father just can’t say enough about his son.

He’s such a happy baby, he does nothing but smile…We’re hanging in there, keeping sane, doing as well as we can. I wouldn’t know where I was without baby Thomas. I’ve got something to wake up to with him. I have to keep happy for Thomas’s sake. I wouldn’t want to wake up if it wasn’t for the baby. I don’t like to think what it would be like without Thomas. I worry if he wasn’t here, where would I be? How would I be? What would my mental health be?

This sounds like a man who went through quite an ordeal. Well, he did, one that few if any of us could really understand. See, here’s the thing; Thomas, according to dad, is the spitting image of his late brother, Alfie. Yes, that Alfie Evans, the child held hostage in England by socialized medicine until he died. Oh, his odds of surviving very long at all were slim, but the institutional brain trust decided it was better to let him die than let his parents take him elsewhere for experimental treatments at their own expense.

And in case you’re wondering, no, Thomas does not have the same genetic defect Alfie had.

If you think you can handle it, there’s a link in the show notes to an article with more comments from Dad and some wonderful pictures, including one of Mother Kate and Thomas at Alfie’s grave.

In the meantime, Democrats stateside couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a bill that would require a baby born after a botched abortion to get the same medical care as one born normally. You say the Alfie Evans situation couldn’t happen here? I wonder.

Are infanticide and socialism really winning issued for Democrats? I just can’t imagine they are, but it seems to me like if the media realize they aren’t, they can be counted on to minimize the damage. What a privilege.

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