Lit up to celebrate death

I’m just covering 1 topic this time out. New York state recently passed a new abortion law that allows for late-term abortion throughout the third trimester.

I posted this disapprovingly on the Facebook group, and listener Steve wanted me to prove my contention that this is essentially abortion for any reason at any time. This, then, is my reasoning. Look at history and the law, and you can’t really say otherwise.

Mentioned links:

Christian Daily Reporter

Four myths about New York’s new abortion law… and the truth

Virginia Democrat Proposes Bill Legalizing Abortion Until Birth

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Show transcript

Recently, the state of New York passed a new abortion law that allows for abortion right up until the baby is delivered, though the law does come with some legalese regarding the restriction of 3rd trimester abortions. Democrats were so delighted about this that Governor Andrew Cuomo had the Freedom Tower in Manhattan lit up pink in honor of the passage of this law.

In my mind, however, this is disastrous. A child that is completely viable, 1 minute prior to birth, can be killed because of where it is; inside versus outside the mother, as though simply delivering a baby magically transforms a clump of cells into a human life in an instant.

I posted an article about this on the Facebook page, noting my disapproval of it. I said, “Bad news on the Pro-life front. Killing a child is not “health care””, followed by the headline, “New York Legalizes Abortion Up To Birth””. Listener Steve commented on the post this way. “No need to dare me. Just give me the source and I’ll check it out. I’m not so sure how much trust I should put into ANY source that has an agenda. Especially when I have the bill right in front of me and can read it. You still haven’t pointed out where in the bill it gives the permission you are railing against.”

The idea that my source had an agenda was a fair point. The link was to the relatively new site “The Christian Daily Reporter”. It’s mostly a Drudge-Report-style news site filled with links to stories that Christians might be interested in. This story was a rare instance of the CDR doing its own reporting or, at the very least, summarizing the points from other sources.

But the information in the article was correct, and I replied. “The law allows abortion after 24 weeks for the life of the mother or fetal inviability. As with abortion laws around the country, the practical interpretation will be done very broadly. It’s never in the text of the law. It’s always in the leeway given, and that leeway always expands.” That certainly has been how it’s been dealt with in the past. Steve replied, “Thank you for reading the bill. Yes, those are the main exemptions. I am not willing to condemn them until I see how they are being implemented.” Well, I’ve seen it, and I don’t see any reason to think that New York’s version will be any different, especially since a pink Freedom Tower tells us that they’re thrilled with this law.

It’s essentially a backstop in case some Supreme Court strikes down Roe v Wade. If that happened, contrary to talking points from Democrats, this would not outlaw abortion. Instead, it would be up to the individual states, and NY is getting ahead of that.

But let’s talk about that life and health of the mother exception. Can we get a feel for how that might be implemented, or do we just have to wait and see? Well, I don’t think we have to wait. We can look at the actual law governing this, so let’s do that.

I’m going to be referring to an article on the website, which has pro-life news and opinion. Biased, you might say, but you’ll see, especially in this case, their opinion is backed up.

Let’s look at that exception. After 24 weeks, an abortion can happen in NY in case of risk to the mother’s health. But what does that mean? Well, the Supreme Court also gave its opinion on that as well. On the same day in 1973 that it ruled in Roe v Wade, the case Doe v Bolton was also ruled on. From

In this decision, the court found that physicians, as the medical experts, should be the ones to determine if an abortion is necessary or not. Doe’s text reads, “medical judgment may be exercised in the light of all factors – physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age – relevant to the wellbeing of the patient. All these factors may relate to health.”

So this opened the door to, not just physical health, but also emotional reasons, family reasons, any reason at all, frankly. And this is a “medical judgement”, so the doctor gets to say what qualifies. You know, the same one who makes money if he or she performs that abortion. So while in theory there is a “restriction”, in practice there has been nothing, and there will be nothing, restricting about this restriction. I don’t need to wait and see how New York will implement it; history will merely repeat itself.

There are some other myths that are covered in the article that I’ll just touch on here. Will women die without late-term abortions? No, because a late-term abortion is never necessary for that. OB/GYNs have been coming forward, with decades of experience and thousands of deliveries among them, to say that they have never seen a situation where killing the baby was required to save the mother’s life. Delivery, either vaginally or C-section, yes. Killing, no. What about fetal anomalies, even when the child might not live long? Again, killing is never necessary in cases like Down Syndrome. And where a baby might not make it very long and the woman might not want to go through the pain? Studies show that women who carry to term actually come out better psychologically than those who abort.

At the very least, this action by New York State is shining the light on how radical the Left is on this issue. And if you think New York is unique, consider this. Democrats in Virginia have proposed a law that would allow late term abortions, right up to and including when the woman is dilating, while she is in the process of giving birth. Further, she may have one for any reason; there is not “life or health of the mother” fig leaf. This would literally be abortion on demand right up to the absolute last second.

This is what Democrats have been working toward, and they’re getting it. They are truly the party of Death. That sounds harsh, but I know of no other description that truly describes it. Killing a baby is not “health care”, and a child just about ready to be born is most certainly not a “clump of cells”. This is why we need conservative judges and legislators, at both the state and federal level. We need to protect life, so that there can be liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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