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So why is the economy doing so well? Is that Obama’s doing or can Trump take some credit? Is this a question better left to the professionals? Well, you’re in luck, because a professional came out and demonstrated that, for various indicators of a good economy, things are looking very good. But when they started to look good is very important.

And a young man grew up recently. He understood that the way to persuade is not yelling gotcha’ questions at a political figure, but to make better arguments. We don’t agree on his main issue of gun control, but at least he’s going to let his ideas be heard in more measured tones so that he can get people to consider this.

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Show transcript

The good economic news in the past 18 months has been downplayed by politicians and pundit on the Left. They simply don’t want to consider that Trump’s policies of deregulation and tax cuts might actually be working.

“It’s not as good as you think it is”, so the argument goes. “But if it is, it’s not Trump who did it, it’s Obama’s economy.” And President Obama himself has been out claiming credit for this economy, so it can’t be all that bad.

Normally, I would agree with this. The economy is a big ship and it doesn’t turn on a dime, so the policies of the outgoing President are part of the equation at the beginning of an incoming President’s term. For how long that goes is beyond my pay grade. That’s better left to the professionals.

Speaking of professional economists, that’s exactly who came out to the press recently to make the case that the economy is doing well. Kevin Hassett, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, certainly qualifies, and he brought out some charts that show what he calls “inflection points”; clear changes in the trend lines of various economic indicators, either from negative to positive, or from positive to even more positive. The video of his presentation, and screenshots of the various charts, are at a link in the show notes, but I really suggest you watch the video. When you do, if you look at the charts, you see something very interesting.

Whenever any of the indicators that he highlighted take a clear upward change of direction, it does so at the time of the election! Trump had not even warmed the big chair in the Oval Office, how could he have possibly affected the economy? Well, I’ll tell you. He affected it the same way he affected illegal immigration. Back in episode 175, I talked about how the Border Patrol was seeing a massive drop in illegal crossings in April of 2017. Trump had just been warming that seat for 3 months, with no immigration legislation passed yet. What happened was that potential illegals thought that Trump meant what he had said on the campaign trail about enforcing them, and acted accordingly. (Of course these days, the numbers are back up higher than before because Democrats kept Trump from keeping much of those promises. It’s interesting how people supposedly desperate to come here to escape bad conditions in their native land seem to all of a sudden decide that Mexico is just fine.)

Anyway, that same effect is what happened in the business world. Corporations started expanding and spending on capital improvements, more new businesses were started, orders and shipments surged, and blue collar jobs grew the fastest since 1994, and it started with the election of a man who campaigned on a pro-business platform. And businesses responded by hiring and expanding.

Now, Trump has gone ahead and kept his promises by repatriating a lot of that cash that was kept offshore to avoid taxes, and by implementing a program of reducing regulations, and by a corporate tax cut. And each of these programs is designed to keep that economic engine roaring. As a result, minority unemployment is the lowest in a very long time, wages are on the rise, and we’ve saved $1.3 billion from reduced regulation this year…so far.

When asked about this, President Trump was heard to say, [“What can I say except, ‘You’re welcome!’”]

But in the meantime, Democrats are busy both talking down the economy, and at the same time crediting Obama for it. Pick one, fellas. In the meantime, the country is busy gettin’ it done.

Cameron Kasky is one of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting. In the aftermath, he was one of the outspoken students speaking for gun control and against the NRA.

If you watched the live CNN Town Hall special, which featured several Parkland students and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, he’s the one that asked the Senator, “Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA in the future?” He referred to President Trump as a “professional liar”. He also challenged another Parkland survivor, Kyle Kashuv, to a one-on-one debate on the gun issue. Kashuv, who is a conservative and Second Amendment supporter, accepted, but Kasky later backed out.

That was then. This is now.

In an interview on Fox News Radio, this co-founder of March For Our Lives said he regrets some of the things he’s said and done since being in the national spotlight as a high-school junior.

I’m very regretful of a lot of the mistakes that I’ve made along the way. One of the things I never really did was watch myself. If I was on a screen I kind of tried to run away from it. I’m not entirely sure why. But, looking back on that it’s like you said, you touched off on this very well in the intro, I’m not going to kick myself for it because I’m 17. Despite the fact that I thought I did at the time, I don’t know everything. But, I look back on that and I say, you know what, there were people who had just been buried and when you’re looking at somebody that you find might in some way have been complicit in this murderer obtaining the weapon it’s hard not to say something like that. But, I went into that wanting less conversation and more to embarrass Rubio and that was my biggest flaw.

I don’t think Cameron Kasky has flipped his views 180 degrees, but at least he has come to the realization that yelling at someone doesn’t change any minds, and that you have to have actual conversation if we’re going to solve anything.

Erick Erickson wrote an article about this, linked to in the show notes, and he titled it, “This Is What Growing Up Looks Like” Absolutely. Oh, and this is what “losing media attention” looks like as well.

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