Who’s in charge here?

The state of Florida stopped doing background checks for gun permits for a whole year. Your government at work…or not. Listen to find out why they didn’t, and what one of the ramifications may have been.

Kids in Connecticut are breaking track records, but not everyone’s happy about that. Listen to find out why, and what they’re doing about it.

Do we let our 4-year-olds decide on their bedtime, or make even bigger decisions about their upbringing? If a new movie out of Hollywood is to be believed, maybe we should let them make life-altering decisions…or not.

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Show transcript

After any sort of mass shooting, school or otherwise, the Left insists we need to close loopholes on background checks. We need more laws governing gun ownership. On the Right, we say they should start by following the existing laws. Let’s see if they work first.

A more obvious situation of this you’re not likely to find than in the state of Florida, where it was recently discovered that they stopped doing FBI background checks for concealed carry licenses for an entire year. It was during that time that the shooting at the Pulse nightclub happened, killing 49 people. Any calls for more gun control need to be viewed in the light of that revelation.

And the really troubling part of this is the reason why those checks weren’t done. According to a February 2016 investigative report from Florida’s Inspector General, a state Division of Licensing employee, Lisa Wilde, was unable to log into the system to actually complete these background checks, and she never fixed the problem or had someone else figure it out.

Yeah, but the real answer to the shooting problem is more laws administered by people like this. Enforce the laws we have, then we’ll talk.

Connecticut had its State Open track and field championships recently. During that meet, one person broke the State Open records for girls in both the 100 and 200-meter runs. Terry Miller came in first in both events, breaking the records.

But here’s the thing. Last year, Terry was competing with the boys. This year, Terry is transgendered and competed with the girls. And by the way, in second place for the 100–meter was Andraya Yearwood, another transgendered.

The story doesn’t end there. Two parents have started circulating petitions regarding this. One asks the state legislature to require athletes to compete in sports based on their gender at birth, unless the athlete has undergone hormone therapy. The parent who wrote it said, “I think it’s unfair to the girls who work really hard to do well and qualify for Opens and New Englands. These girls, they’re just coming in and beating everyone. I have no problem with them wanting to be a girl.” So her issue is not with transgendered girls competing. It’s just that calling yourself a girl shouldn’t be enough. But she’ll be called a bigot anyway in a culture where disagreement is hate, even if that disagreement is rooted in science.

Until the sports world decides what is a boy and what is a girl…I’m sorry, I just never thought I’d ever say a sentence like that. If this is the future of women’s athletics, there is no future.

Speaking of the transgendered, Hollywood is coming out with another movie with a message. This time, it’s called “A Kid Like Jake”. The burning questions asked by this bit of cinema are, what if your 4-year-old son would rather dress up as Rapunzel than a pirate for Halloween or prefers playing with a Cinderella figurine than G.I. Joe?

The answer, of course, is that your child might be transgendered…at 4 years old! Do we take the word of a 4-year-old about other issues? I mean, if they say they don’t want to go to bed at their appointed bedtime, do we really seriously consider giving them free reign over that? Of course not! They’re 4-year-olds! We are the adults.. But a few toy and costume preferences later, we’re supposed to be conflicted over their gender?

This movie is clearly playing to what I am increasingly seeing as the fad of being transgendered. I don’t deny that some people really do have gender dysphoria, but I think that now that it’s being normalized in our culture, there’s a bandwagon effect happening. Some people, who have run out of new things do to heterosexually, sometimes turn to homosexual encounters just to try something different, or they see people in Hollywood and the media extolling their behavior and so they want to try it. The more we make transgenderism no big deal, I think we’ll see more of this. Yes, it’s just my opinion, but I don’t think that more people than we realize have always been transgendered and just stayed in the closet. I think there’s more now because of external influences. Such as movies like this one.

And of course, there is the evidence that suggests that children will grow out of those ideas at least 3/4th of the time. Unless, of course, their parents get the idea from, I don’t know, something they saw that a 4-year-old wearing pink means they should start hormone therapy.

If Hollywood wants to really go out on a limb, someone should make a movie about a 4-year-old who’d rather dress up as Ronald Reagan at Halloween and would rather daddy read Jonah Goldberg’s latest book at bedtime. Then the burning question would be, what if your child is…a Republican?

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