A hero you won’t hear about on TV

On the school shooting front, I have good news! An armed School Resource Officer stopped a school shooting recently. But of course, you won’t hear weeks of coverage of it on the liberal news networks. They won’t have a town hall about it. They’d rather blame law abiding citizens than praise a hero who’s success doesn’t fit their narrative.

However, I have bad news on the women’s safety front. A battered women’s shelter turned away a man with a history of violent behavior. But he’s filed a complaint of discrimination because he says he’s a ‘she’, in spite of not having taken any steps legally or physically. This is the abuse we warned you about. This complaint might not succeed, but the foot is in the door.

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Show transcript

I have good news about school shootings. Blaine Gaskill is a School Resource Officer at Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland. The thing about this high school is that it is not a gun-free zone, and Blaine Gaskill is one of those that carry one as he patrols the school grounds.

On Tuesday, March 20th, Gaskill was put into the position where he needed to use it. A 17-year-old student came into the school and started shooting, injuring 2 others. Gaskill got to the scene and engaged the shooter, firing off 1 round. At the time of the incident, it wasn’t clear whether that round killed the shooter, or whether the shooter killed himself.

It doesn’t matter which, because however it happened, the shooting stopped. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that lives were saved that day because of a good guy with a gun. And even if Blaine Gaskill missed, and the shooter took his own life, it demonstrates once again that the mere presence of a good guy with a gun – or you might say, a super hero –  is sometimes enough to stop a bad guy with a gun. Criminals generally would rather have an easy target. Rapists would rather have a docile victim. Car thieves prefer a car without a steering lock. And shooters prefer targets that can’t or won’t shoot back.

As a late-breaking development, one of the 2 students was taken off life support this past Thursday and died on Friday. As tragic as that is, it could have been much worse. I grieve with her parents, and I rejoice with all the other parents whose children were spared.

This goes back to my coverage of Kennesaw, Georgia, where they passed a law saying that homeowners must own a gun. They don’t even enforce that law, but burglaries dropped like a rock in the 2 years after that, and it has stayed down, because of its mere presence on the books. Thieves prefer a home owner that is more likely to be unarmed.

There’s one other side to this story. In February, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s office, the county where Great Mills is, said it arrested two teenage boys for “Threats of Mass Violence”, and a 39-year-old man on related charges, after the teens made threats about a potential school shooting at Leonardtown High School, a high school about 10 miles from Great Mills. Police said they obtained a search warrant that led to them finding semi-automatic rifles, handguns and other weapons, along with ammunition. Meanwhile, in Parkland, Florida, where a student killed 17, and where police stayed outside while the shooting occurred, they had a program in place to limit arrests of students in order to bring down their crime statistics, especially regarding minorities. One of those students, as we now know, went on to become an actual school shooter.

I predict that what you will not hear from the agenda-driven media is a town hall meeting to discuss failures in law enforcement, or the better outcomes that occur when schools aren’t gun-free zones. Blaine Gaskill will not be front and center tomorrow, but the kids who spout gun control will continue to get all the coverage. And, of course, the kids who want more Blaine Gaskills for their school will be dutifully ignored.

The American public is being told what they should and should not be angry about. And far too many are just following orders.

Speaking of the agenda-driven media, here’s another story you’re not likely to hear given wall-to-wall coverage. Democrats keep talking about the “War on Women” and how the Right, and especially the religious Right, are the ones waging that war. Well recently in Anchorage, Alaska, Tim Coyle, a man with a violent criminal record, got kicked out of a shelter after getting drunk and becoming belligerent. So he went to a battered women’s shelter and demanded entry. The Christian-run shelter, the Hope Center denied him entrance. Now, just on its face, that makes perfect sense. You don’t want a violent man in a battered women’s shelter. But that’s not all.

The shelter actually did make an effort to help him. They determined that he needed medical attention, so they provided cab fare to the emergency room, and they pointed him to another shelter that housed both men and women. Later, when he tried to get in again, they turned him away, mostly because he showed up at the wrong time. The women’s shelter service starts at 5pm and he was early.

So what did Tim do? What anyone would do in that situation; he filed a complaint with the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, saying that he had been discriminated against at a place that provides “public accommodation”. Well, no, it’s not public; it’s women-only, and there’s nothing illegal about that. So what’s the complaint and why is it being looked into?

Because Tim calls himself transgendered. He hasn’t had any reassignment surgery, or even legally changed his name to his preferred “Samantha”. He’s just a guy calling himself a girl; that’s it. And he wants to get into a battered women’s shelter. This is exactly the abuse of the situation that conservatives predicted, and which liberals promised wouldn’t be a problem (and called conservatives “transphobic” for suggesting that it would be a problem). Currently, Alaska prohibits private businesses like the Hope Center from keeping men out of “intimate places,” when those places have an open architecture that doesn’t preserve privacy. However, next month, Alaskans will be given the chance to overturn that legislation by voting Yes on Proposition 1 to restrict access to these places based on your sex at birth.

If that fails, my guess is that shelters like this will start shutting down rather than allow men in. The Left is cutting off its nose to spite its face, reducing the help given to women in need to make a small minority feel better. So who’s really waging a war on women?

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