I’m back!

It’s been a few months, but I’m back. And it’s good to be back.

So, anything happen while I was gone? Yeah, one or two things. I’ll hit a few highlights in this episode to catch up on some of the stories that happened during the hiatus. Some you might not have even heard of.

Mentioned links:

Dismantling False Assumptions on ISPs and Net Neutrality

Bella Hadid joins Jerusalem demonstration in London after fury at Trump embassy move

Another U.K. Hospital: NO to Baby Transfer + End Life Support

Who is Alfie Evans, what do we know about his mystery illness and what did the High Court say about life support?

As the Dossier Scandal Looms, the New York Times Struggles to Save Its Collusion Tale

The author of the explosive new Trump book says he can’t be sure if parts of it are true

Argus Hamilton

And here’s the deceptive Burger King Net Neutrality video I mention in the show.

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Show transcript

I have a few quick takes on some of the stories that were big over the hiatus. So let’s get started. First up; net neutrality, or more precisely, the end thereof. When the FCC was considering ending the Obama-era rules about net neutrality, the Left went full Nostradamus, predicting the end of the world as we know it. They foretold an Internet where you have to pay extra for Twitter or Facebook. They foresaw Netflix being buffered unless you forked over extra cash. They lamented that your limited choice of Internet providers would mean you would be under their thumb.

In the show notes is an article by a guy who used to run an ISP, and he clears up a lot of confusion about what net neutrality is and what it means for you. Trust me, it’s way more than your Internet bill. Also, these net neutrality rules were just a bit over 2 years old. If this apocalypse of premium pricing were going to happen, wouldn’t they already have happened in 2015? They didn’t then; why should they now? That’s a question that needs an answer. And finally, the limited choices with regards to your Internet provider are almost entirely the fault of government. Treat the net like your natural gas provider, where the same pipes are used to bring this and other utilities to your house, and you open up competition, which drives down prices. It’s your local or state government making sweetheart deals with one provider that is the cause of the monopoly. For the Left, of course, they suggest a new government solution for an old government solution that became a problem.

Also in the show notes is the video Burger King made to “explain” net neutrality. Basically, they made people wait longer for their Whopper if they didn’t pay a higher price for it. It’s such a completely fabricated stunt, and it still doesn’t explain why this wasn’t happening 2 years ago. They’re trading on the ignorance of their customers about what net neutrality really means. It actually makes the case against because customers are outraged, and if this was an ongoing thing, they’d take their business elsewhere. The deeper message here is that, contrary to conventional wisdom, you should not take tech advice from your burger company. I know, that sounds completely weird, but it may just be true.

The Left again predicted the end of the world as we know it when President Donald Trump dared to move the US embassy in Israel to the location of the seat of government in Israel. This is something that every President since at least Bill Clinton has said should happen, but apparently when Democrats said it, they really didn’t mean it. Virtually every bit of the Israeli government is physically in Jerusalem, and it has been the capital of the state of Israel for 3,000 years (during those times when Israel existed, foreign invaders notwithstanding).

Tell me; what other country on earth is not allowed to determine where its own capital is? Take your time; I’ll wait. While you’re perusing Google for that answer, please let me know what the capital of the state of Palestine was, since they seemed to be very much up-in-arms about this. Heh, sorry, that’s a trick question; that state has never existed.

Stop me if you’ve heard this. A baby in the UK has a rare disease. He’s on life support. The parents want to take him out of the country to a hospital that will try to help him, but the UK hospital is taking the case to court to prevent this. No, this isn’t Charlie Gard, this is Alfie Evans, another child that the UK’s NHS has determined that death is better than a chance at life.

There are some differences between the two cases. Alfie has not been diagnosed. The thought is that this is similar to Charlie’s disease, but a hospital in Italy is willing to look into it. So the NHS is ready with the death sentence without even trying, or letting anyone else try. Further, Alfie is not terminally ill in the sense that Charlie Gard was. Instead, he’s in a coma, so he’s not currently suffering pain.

Once again, when the state pays the bills, the state gets to determine the care it’s willing to give. Alfie’s case is yet to be heard. Stay tuned.

And the alleged “Russia collusion” story keeps turning up like Hillary Clinton trying to stay relevant. I have a link in the show notes that gives a good account of the story so far, and how the collusion narrative has had to keep changing, especially regarding the Trump dossier, which was full of half-truths and uncorroborated stories. Not to mention that the name Carter Page, whose trip to Moscow was going to be the lynchpin of the collusion story, is sooo 2017. Now, George Papadopoulos is the man that the Left is pinning its hopes on to take down Trump. He got caught lying to the investigation and pled guilty to that, not to any actual collusion crime.

Or maybe it’s Michael Wolff who will do the deed, whose own book he describes as a mix of truth and lies and who is “allowing the reader to judge”. That’s the mark of a gossip columnist who desperately wants to be taken seriously. My suggestion; don’t.

There was apparently a government shutdown as well. Did you notice?

Meanwhile, David Letterman is hosting a monthly one-hour talk show on Netflix and Barack Obama will be his very first guest. Argus Hamilton notes that it was only a matter of time. The gifted comedian couldn’t stand being off TV and acting like the King of All he Surveyed, and neither could Letterman.

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