How’s that boycott working?

Last year, the state of North Carolina decided that men should use the men’s bathroom, and women should use the women’s bathroom. “Radical” as that was, it got the state boycotted by sports associations, singers, and others. One year later, how has that boycott affected the state?

And speaking of accommodating the transgendered, how is that working out? I’ll discuss the weight lifter, born a man, who is tearing up the women’s competition. I’ll also talk about the boy who realized there was a girl in his locker room, and a rapist who is now in a women’s prison.

You’ll hear it here, because you probably won’t hear it anywhere else.

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Show transcript

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has dominated her first major competition; the Australian International in Melbourne. She won her division, setting 4 unofficial national records, and her winning lift was 8% more than her nearest competitor.

OK, I lied, but in my defense, so did the news article in the show notes. See, all the cells in Hubbard’s body identify as male, so calling him a “her” is not a matter of biology. Instead, the definition, according to the International Olympic Committee, of a “woman” is merely someone whose “total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 [nanomoles per litre] for at least 12 months prior to her first competition”. So apparently chromosomes and physical traits are out, and nanomoles per liter are in.

I remember back in the day that some people, in trying to deal with the doping issue in athletics, suggested that we have 2 sets of competitions; ones with those who are not chemically enhanced, and ones for those that are. It appears that the Chemical Games (which was the fanciful name suggested for them) are here already. Of course, this is what you might call “un-doping” or “de-doping”. Either way, this is the altering of physiology (outside of things like simple vitamins) in order to compete in an athletic event.

I’m not here to disparage Laurel Hubbard. What I am noting is that the accommodations that are being made (accommodations that go against the observable, natural science) are getting to the point where (I hope) the general public takes notice and asks, “Huh?”

This was exhibit A. Today. Exhibit B is Martin Ponting, who was jailed for life in 1995 after raping 2 girls. He has started hormone treatment, is in line to get a $12,500 sex change, and he has already been moved to a women’s prison in Cambridgeshire, England. Right; nothing to see there. Exhibit C is a boy in Philadelphia who was changing into his gym clothes in the boy’s locker room when he realized that there was a girl in there doing the same thing. The school had opened the locker rooms to students of the opposite sex, with no notification to parents. If he wants, the student filing the complaint can change in the nurse’s office. Confused students can undress wherever they want. Everyone else – the vast majority of students – are the ones being put out. Right; nothing to see…well, there is something to see, but if you’re uncomfortable with it, you’re a bigot and banished.

Of course the question is, did you hear about this from your usual news outlets? Yeah, one is from New Zealand and one is from England, but have you heard any coverage of anything that could be considered bad for transgenderism? This must be celebrated, or if it’s not, those who don’t should be marginalized. It’ll be hard for the public to take notice before it’s too late.

Speaking of celebrating transgenderism, about a year ago, North Carolina decided not to celebrate it, instead passing a law that men should use the men’s room and women should use the women’s room. The Left cranked up the outrage machine, and the boycotts started. Big events like the NCAA championships, the NBA All-Star Game, Bruce Springsteen, and others said they wouldn’t come to the state because of the law.

So after this punishment, how has North Carolina fared economically? Let’s run the numbers.

  • Tourism has thrived: Hotel occupancy, room rates and demand for rooms set records in 2016, each month higher than the previous one.
  • North Carolina ranked fourth in the nation for attracting and expanding businesses.
  • North Carolina finished first for drawing corporate facilities in the eight-state South Atlantic region.

The left-wing Center for American Progress had predicted doom and gloom. Yeah, not so much.

For the state’s part, the issue was never about economics or politics; it was about privacy and safety. Imagine that; standing up for what you believe is right, no matter what the cost. And of course, it turns out that the costs weren’t really costs at all.

Now I will note that the NBA All-Star game that got relocated didn’t occur until this past February, and the NCAA relocated 7 championships, only 2 of which were in 2016. So perhaps the cost is yet to be paid. But if safety and security has taken a back seat to political correctness, it’s still worth the cost for the state to do its actual job.

Of course, there are other costs. A week before the game was played, the NBA had “the lowest ticket sales” in All-Star Game history. Perhaps it’s the NBA paying the price for their stance. And hey, if those are their principles, then it should be worth the cost to them to stay true to them. Remember, this is the same NBA that plays exhibition games in China, whose human rights record is far better than North Carolina’s. Right?

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