youwill_300x300There’s a woman in Norway who insists she’s a cat trapped in a woman’s body. She purrs, meows, hisses at dogs, and insists that she has better hearing than humans. But though she makes those claims, and has the cat ears and tail she wears, is she silly or serious? But here’s the rub; if Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, why isn’t this woman a cat?

Religious liberty is being eroded in this country, and if that goes, how much of the rest of the Bill of Rights is really secure? Talk show host Erick Erickson makes the case in his new book, “You Will Be Made to Care”. If you pre-order, you will get access to many other books, as well as interviews with people who have felt that erosion of religious liberty personally. In this episode, I excerpt one of those interviews with former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. He had the audacity to publish a book that included his Christian beliefs, and for doing so, he was fired. The full 30-minute interview can be heard if you pre-order the book, which comes out February 22nd.

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Norwegian woman believes she is a cat trapped in a human’s body

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Show transcript

She says she’s a cat trapped in a woman’s body. She’s a Norwegian woman who goes by the name Nano, and she purrs and meows, claims to have better hearing than humans, and gives a visceral hiss when in the neighborhood of a dog. She first realized she was a cat when she was 16 years old. Doctors found a “genetic defect” in her DNA, she said — which she believes proves she is a cat.

“Born in the wrong species,” she said. “My psychologist told me I can grow out of it, but I doubt it.” Well, those are the claims, at least. The 20-year-old did not elaborate on the “defect”. She looks entirely human, but she wears a cat-ear headband and a fluffy stuffed tail to help her outward appearance match her inner feline.

Silly? Yes. Serious? It could be. There may be a mental illness involved, or maybe it’s just attention-getting. But I have one question. How is this any different at all from what Caitlyn Jenner has claimed? The DNA in every cell of his body identifies as male (which is why I still use the word “his” as the pronoun). He’s made some outward changes to his body to appear the way his mind thinks he is, but that doesn’t make him a cat, er, woman just because he did it.

If you can explain the difference to me, I’m all ears. But just be careful; any argument against Nano may just be as easily used against Jenner. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Radio talk show host Erick Erickson has been making the case that our religious liberties are being eroded in this country. His slogan for this is, “You will be made to care”, by which he means that if you disagree with same-sex marriage, abortion, or something else that the Left is pushing, and you disagree on religious grounds, you may no longer be able to stay out of the issue. If you bake cakes, take photographs, or issue marriage licenses, you can’t just say, “I don’t care what you do, just don’t involve me.” Instead, you will be made to care.

I’m part of the team helping to get the word out in advance of the February 22nd sale date for his book, written with Bill Blankshaen, titled appropriately, “You Will Be Made to Care”, about how religious liberty is being destroyed. There’s a link in the show notes where you can pre-order the book. Just an FYI, I am not getting paid anything for getting the word out, other than getting a pre-release PDF file of the book so I could talk to you about it, as well as the pre-release package you get if you order now. Part of that package is 18 audio interviews with a number of different people regarding religious liberty issues. I’d like to excerpt the interview by Bill Blankshaen of Kelvin Cochran. He’s the African-American Fire Chief of the City of Atlanta, hand-picked by Mayor Kassim Reed, but then later suspended by that same mayor when Mr. Cochran published a book with some of his Christian beliefs.

[Interview excerpt of Kelvin Cochran]

There’s more of that interview in the pre-order package, including some of Mr. Cochran’s humble background and more details of his case in that half-hour interview.

The book is “You Will Be Made to Care”, and the website is Again, other than the downloaded material from the pre-release package, I’m not getting paid to do this. But I think this is a subject that is extremely important today. If you no longer have the freedom to believe what you want without the government intruding, the Bill of Rights as a whole is no longer guaranteed to you.

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