Why wasn't this bigger news?

Why wasn’t this bigger news?

Why do Democrats continue to push for economic policies that have failed in the past (and the very recent past at that)? Well, I will say that it does play well on the campaign trail. It just doesn’t work in real life.

The Republican’s front runner for President says outlandish things. The Democrat’s front runner is under investigation by the FBI. Your choice. Choose well.

My question to any of you that wanted to just bring in Syrian refugees without doing what is normally done, and vet them before they come to our country, are you prepared for a situation like they just experienced in Cologne, Germany? Do you know what happened? Germany tried to cover it up or minimize it, so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t know.

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Show transcript

What did we learn from the housing bubble? Well, hopefully we learned, among other things, a basic economic lesson; the easier you make it to buy something, the more the price rises because you flood the market with buyers. You know, that whole “supply and demand” thing. Make home loans easier to get, buyers flock to them, and the prices get artificially inflated; the bubble. The bubble pops when many home owners realize that, while the received the loan, they can’t afford the payments. Foreclosures follow, and then a market collapse. Mess with the market, quickly inflate it, and it will deflate just as quickly.

College tuition is experiencing the same thing. The government has been subsidizing costs like crazy. More students enter the college market, and so colleges can charge more for the limited seats. A recent study has come to the conclusion that the lion’s share of the rise in tuition has come from this very situation. The link’s in the show notes.

Of course, we have a political party in this country absolutely intent on repeating the many mistakes of the past, and pumping more money into their pet causes, without any regard for the results. ObamaCare was the latest example, and premiums are skyrocketing at about the same rate as they were before. But Democrats, and especially Bernie “Mr. Free Stuff” Sanders, wish to double down on this market manipulation. It certainly does sell well on the campaign trail, but you have to pay the piper sometime. And when that happens, there’s always Republicans to blame.


Here are some facts from the FBI investigation of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  So far, 1,340 Hillary emails at State have been assessed as classified. Remember, she was using her own private server, and classified material isn’t supposed to pass through something like that. That would be a felony for you and me; not her. There was 1 email that instructed a staffer to send classified information over unsecured fax, with the classification markings removed. That would be a felony for you or me; not her. And then, of course, is the irony of Mrs. Clinton expressing surprise in one email about a State Department staffer using personal email for work via an email that was sent via Clinton’s personal email server! That would be ironic for you and me … and for her.

There’s more at the link in the show notes, but the biggest thing about this to me is that there are millions of people for whom this makes no difference. There are people who are fully ready to vote for her despite all of this evidence that she broke the law. Of course, that’s the story of the Clintons ever since they were on the national political stage, and even before that. Somehow, someway, all this bad stuff happens all around them, and people all around them get jailed, but they come out on top over and over.

The Republican’s front runner for President says outlandish things. The Democrat’s front runner is under investigation by the FBI. Your choice.


On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of apparently Middle Eastern men committed more than 600 acts of sexual assault and mugging in Cologne, Germany and other cities in that country.  Cologne’s mayor, a woman, took to the media and told her fellow females to, well, to stay at arm’s length from male strangers. I guess if you get too close, you’re asking for it.

This occurred soon after hordes of mostly male refugees came swarming across the borders. Heads of state in Eastern Europe came out with various statements that, roughly translated, said, “Told ya’ so.” Then there was this bit of irony.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in his weekly radio interview that it was proof of a crisis of liberalism that reporting of the sexual assaults in Cologne had been suppressed in Germany, adding that the press in Hungary is much freer than that in western Europe.

Germany, indeed, did try to cover this up or minimize it. It didn’t fit the narrative, and it gave the nationalists a big talking point. Whether it’s true or not, it’s odd that Hungary can make a reasonable claim that their press is freer that Germany’s. How far we’ve come since the Soviet era.

So my question to any of you that wanted to just bring in Syrian refugees without doing what is normally done, and vet them before they come to our country, are you prepared for a “told ya’ so” moment? As I’ve said before, yes, let’s bring them in, but using our same procedures for doing so. Have a heart, but don’t let it overrule your head.


And finally, Trey Sudbrock of Indianola, Iowa is behind bars on felony terrorism charges after he allegedly tried buying a gun so he could “kill a lot of people.” He had a number of felony charges filed against him over the past year, such that he couldn’t pass a background check. So he tried to buy one off of a friend. That friend said No, and turned him in. Another good guy with a gun, but this time not even having to use the gun; just be a good citizen.

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