Ireland stripping religious rights now? (Getty Images)

Ireland stripping religious rights now? (Getty Images)

The Irish approved a referendum to allow same-sex marriage in that country a few weeks ago. Because, you know, gays just want equal rights; they don’t want to take away anyone else’s rights, right? Wrong.

While reading through Twitter while the San Bernardino mass shooting incident was still happening, one “Twitterer” suggested that gun control is the answer because no citizen has ever stopped a mass shooting. Well, while that may be true, I prefer it when citizens stop a mass shooting before it starts, and a good case can be made that it happens a lot more often than the public is aware of.

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Show transcript

The Irish approved a referendum to allow same-sex marriage in that country a few weeks ago. Because, you know, gays just want equal rights; they don’t want to take away anyone else’s rights, right?


Recently the lower house of the Assembly of Ireland voted unanimously to repeal Section 37 of the state’s Employment Equality Act. Section 37 granted specific exemptions for “religious, educational or medical institutions” when it came to gay rights, allowing them “to maintain the religious ethos of the institution”. And some promise this is not the last step they’ll be taking.

Now, churches and other religious institutions must, by law, subject their teachings and their church-influenced employment requirements to the dictates of the state first, then, subordinate to that, to their religious beliefs. Where there is a conflict, the state trumps religion.

So we see that gays do not just want equal rights; they do, in fact, want special rights. They want validation by everyone, and want to criminalize disagreement. This is not equal; this is going way above and beyond.

This is intolerance. This is censorship. And it’s being done, not by the religious, but to them; precisely the opposite of what the Left has been fear-mongering for decades. They’ve been sounding the warning about the coming of a religious theocracy. Yes, well, welcome to the “atheocracy”; all the same ingredients as an actual theocracy, but with liberal politics. Taste it! You can hardly tell the difference!

If you listened to the last episode, you might have wondered why I was talking about the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting instead of the more recent San Bernardino shooting. Well, I write these episodes up early in the week usually, and the news doesn’t stop just because I have my script complete.

So I’m playing a little catch-up here. But once again, gun control is brought up by the Left as the big issue here; not radical Islamic terrorism, not ISIS, but the guns of law-abiding citizens. While reading through Twitter while the incident was still happening, one “Twitterer” suggested that gun control is the answer because no citizen has ever stopped a mass shooting.

When I pointed out one example of a guy who pointed his gun at a mall shooter, which was followed by the shooter killing himself, this guy called me an imbecile and said it wasn’t a mass shooting, so it didn’t argue against his point. Really? Preventing a mass shooting is, for the record, in my humble opinion, better than allowing it to get to the “mass shooting” stage before stopping it. So then, since a “mass shooting” wasn’t prevented, it didn’t speak to the gun control issue, and in fact, to him, doesn’t change his mind about good guys with guns.

It sounds like he needs carnage in order to be proven wrong, but you just know that the more carnage, the more that proves his point. Can’t win either way, which is how too many people set up their argument. “Heads, I’m right, tails, you’re wrong. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

Eugene Volokh, a constitutional scholar at the UCLA School of Law, has been amassing a list of at least some of the situations where a good guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting by a bad guy with a gun. His list can be found at a link in the show notes. Now, he grants that in a few of these cases, you can’t really predict whether some of these would have escalated into the typical definition of a “mass shooting”, but two things. One, in many cases the original target was a large group of people, so it’s more than just possible that things could have gone that way. And two, like I said, I’d prefer that these stay small, or completely prevented, and not make national news, rather than escalate first.

But the fact that these incidents don’t make the national news is why so many people don’t think they ever happen. This is the advantage that gun-control advocates have. President Obama gets weary about having to go out and make a statement every time there is a mass shooting, and rightly so. But if he would go out and give a pat on the back every time someone prevented one, I think we’d come to realize that there’s less to fear from gun owners than we thought. The vast majority of gun owners aren’t involved in gun battles every time someone crosses them. You may have noticed that, despite the worry some folks have, the US has not become the Wild West. In fact, 100 million guns have been sold in America since Obama took office, and yet the Pew Research Center notes that deaths by gun have gone down 49% since their peak in 1993. I find it funny and sad at the same time that they appended to their poll headline the phrase, “Public Unaware”.

I think that sums it all up. The gun control crowd has absolutely no idea of the evidence against their position. Publicity rules the day, but these numbers are an inconvenient truth. Perhaps Al Gore can take some time away from explaining the pause in Global Warming to make a movie about this.

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