Tyshawn Lee. Does his life matter?

Tyshawn Lee. Does his life matter?

President Obama supports an update to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that would suddenly turn many churches into something similar to racist hate groups. Is this a good  idea?

And if you haven’t heard of Tyshawn Lee, I think you should. You can’t be blamed if you just watched the usual media sources. The story of this 9-year-old victim of another Chicago shooting made the news, but then just as quickly vanished. Where are the protests? Oh, that’s not me asking, that’s a black columnist, who has  a few other questions.

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Show transcript

In 1964, the Civil Rights Act was passed. It was a landmark law that prohibited discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It ended segregation and guaranteed equal protection, and that’s what it’s done, mostly. There is still racism in America, of course, but it’s nothing like it was in 1964. And I’d argue, as long as humans are in the equation, and evil still exists, you’ll never truly eradicate it. Still, we do have a black President now, and the post-racial era is well underway.

Well, that’s how Obama described his election. Hasn’t worked out that way. But that’s another episode for another day.

What I’d like to point out now is how that President supports a change to the Civil Rights Act by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the mix. What would this do? Well for one thing, it would allow men to use women’s bathrooms. If a man puts on a dress and claims to be a woman, this change in the law would allow him to do just that. Who are you to challenge his gender identity? I wrote a blog post on the podcast website after the recent election, and part of it was about Houston,Texas, where they voted down something similar by a 2-to-1 ratio. It was billed by its supporters to be more about equal rights, but opponents, by zeroing in on one of the results of this measure, showed that what is considered a “right” by liberals has expanded to the absurd. Houston recognized that.

Another effect would be on college admissions. By being given preferred minority status, the percentage of gender-confused people would become a diversity factor, and schools not doing enough would risk losing their federal funding.

And here’s a question; how many religious institutions would come under heavier scrutiny? What has happened to the Boy Scouts – that is, the dramatic loss of support in the culture at large – would now happen to those who attend traditional churches, synagogues and mosques. Well, maybe not mosques. Listen to the last episode to see how that might actually happen. But the point is, religious institutions that are, right now, being sued over not performing same-sex wedding ceremonies, or allowing their facilities to be used for them, would give a rather large club to those pursuing validation. Those institutions would be seen by the government in just the same way as racist groups are today.

And Democratic President Barack Obama approves of this. Now, it’s highly unlikely to pass with the Republicans holding majorities over both houses of Congress, but if a few elections go the other way, this could very well be in our near future.

I’m going to pick my battle here. I know that there are folks who don’t give two hoots about religion and are more than happy to let grown men in dresses use the same facilities as their little girls. I can’t think of how they could be convinced otherwise. But I do want to talk to the Christians, Jews, Muslims, and any other religion that has, for thousands of years, considered homosexual acts a sin, and who stick by the scientific truism that your chromosomes determine your gender. You are in the crosshairs, and voting for someone as far to the Left as President Obama is essentially pulling the trigger.

Please consider this when looking at the candidates. You’ll hear the word “equality” used a lot. What you won’t hear from the same candidates is “religious bigot”, although that will be what they’re saying.

Michael Cottman, writing at the site Black America Web, is asking about the reaction to the shooting of Tyshawn Lee, a 9-year-old boy from Chicago. I saw a lot of posts on social media about this the day it happened. But since then, nothing. Cottman asks some questions.

When a white police office shoots an unarmed Black man to death, Black folks will march in the streets for weeks, and I’ll write columns for several days running, but where are the marches for Tyshawn Lee? Where are the protestors?

Members of ‘Black Lives Matter’ disrupted Hillary Clinton’s rally in Atlanta last week and appeared outraged on CNN, but I didn’t see that same sense of collective outrage over Tyshawn’s shooting on Monday.

As a community, sometimes we have misplaced priorities. I have written numerous columns – too many to count – about racial profiling, excessive use of force by white police officers, and the ongoing injustice – and murders – of unarmed Black men at the hands of white cops.

But today, young Black men are killing each other at an alarming rate – and our children are being gunned down in the prime of their lives and yet it’s as if this is our new normal.

I always feel I need to add the obligatory disclaimer that no, I don’t think these other issues don’t exist. Yes, I do understand that racism still exists. Yes, I understand that driving or walking while black is still a thing in places. I’m not discounting anyone’s experiences at all.

What I am suggesting, however, is that perhaps some of this outrage needs to be redirected. Mr. Cottman is making a point that, when I make it, I’m considered to be deflecting from the real issues because I don’t know what it’s like. OK, I’m white and I don’t. Mr. Cottman is black and does.

Remember that national conversation on race relations we were all supposed to have because of our post-racial President? Can we have it now?

And finally, Semantha Bunce, a 21-year-old combat medic with the National Guard, exchanged fire with 2 home invaders, protecting her 4-month-old son that was with her. No one died, the attackers were run off, but Semantha suffered a gunshot wound. Just thought you’d like to know that, in case it doesn’t make the news or get shared on social media. Good guys with guns, and all that.

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