Fox News is mean to me

Fox News is mean to me

Diversity! That’s the call of the progressive Left, as they seek to bring in people of all races and creeds into their circles. But here’s the thing they won’t admit to; their view of diversity is only skin deep.

The CNBC moderators of the recent GOP Presidential debate made themselves more the news story than the debate itself. “Gotcha questions” were the order of the … evening. But the candidates gave as good as they got. President Obama tried to take a pot shot at their umbrage, but his joke fell really flat.

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Show transcript

Diversity! That’s the call of the progressive Left, as they seek to bring in people of all races and creeds into their circles. But here’s the thing they won’t admit to; their view of diversity is only skin deep. They say that different colors are great, and they are, but real diversity comes when we deal with, not just people who look different from us, but people who think differently than us. If we all think the same, getting past skin color is easy. But if we think differently, skin color is the least of our issues. Trying to work and get along with people who think differently from us is when true tolerance is put to the test.

So, you can only have true tolerance if you can get along with those who have ideas that challenge yours. A room full of people who are from different cultures, but who all want to watch the same TV show, doesn’t create much friction. But a room full of people of the same ethnicity, but have different entertainment preferences, could result in a war over the remote control. That’s the kind of diversity that tolerance is supposed to deal with.

And where do you find a huge concentration of liberal thinkers who, though they preach diversity, end up creating their own echo chamber? Academia. Give them the free reign to create their own diverse community, and you get this.

This year, a team of scholars from six universities studying ideological diversity in the behavioral sciences published a paper in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences that details a shocking level of political groupthink in academia. The authors show that for every politically conservative social psychologist in academia there are about 14 liberal social psychologists.

Why the imbalance? The researchers found evidence of discrimination and hostility within academia toward conservative researchers and their viewpoints. In one survey cited, 82 percent of social psychologists admitted they would be less likely to support hiring a conservative colleague than a liberal scholar with equivalent qualifications.

Only in the liberal academic’s mind is 1 out of 14 considered enough ideological diversity. And it sounds like 82% would prefer that be 0 out of 14. Yes, as long as you think like them and don’t challenge their ideas, they don’t care what color you are. How positively tolerant!

Longtime listeners will recognize my claim that, for the Left, it’s all about politics. Diversity is a goal only as a cover for their insistence on lock-step in thought. Tolerance is a goal only because it’s simple to do when there is no disagreement on politics.

In the recent Republican Presidential debate, the CNBC moderators became more of a story than the debate itself. From the very first question, John Harwood ticked off a bullet list of Donald Trump’s proposals, and then asked him, “Let’s be honest; is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?”

Just like too many of the political reporting these days, this was as much or more of a commentary than it was reporting or, in this case, a debate question. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and if these moderators were trying to present themselves as unbiased, they failed miserably. Finally, Ted Cruz couldn’t stand any more of the bias.

[Audio: Cruz CNBC debate]

He took it to the CNBC moderators and used it to prove that when conservatives attack the media, it’s not just a talking point; there’s proof of it all over the place.

President Obama took a pot shot at those Republicans who complained about the moderators.

[Audio: Obama mocks GOP]

First of all, they did handle those guys. Cruz and others stood up to them and pointed out the blatant bias. I think they handled them pretty well, thank you very much.

Second of all, isn’t this the same guy that has complained, for 7 years, that Fox News has been unfair to him? What’s good for the goose is apparently absolutely forbidden for the gander.

And on a final note, a 55-year-old man with an extensive criminal record walked into a Chicago currency exchange store and pulled a gun, announcing he was going rob the place. A customer in the store happened to have a concealed-carry permit. He killed the robber. You could make the case that maybe no one would have died in the robbery, but do you want to make that call? Anyway, just mentioning this since it won’t make national news.

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