Anthony Wells gave the podcast a very complimentary review on his site (as well as in iTunes). He describes it this way:

The ten minute format allows you to consume the information very fast. This show definitely reminds me of NPR.
There are ten second soft music interludes in between segments, which I am a fan of the music segment, breakups. Nice Touch!

Well, I did use more “soft music” in this last episode during the transitions. But as regular listeners will know, sometimes, not so much. 🙂

Later he goes on to say:

Without giving my political opinion, I think this is a very good podcast, Sounds good in my headphones( if it sounds good in my headphones, it will sound good anywhere). Doug’s voice is not annoying, he has that perfect NPR voice and just overall radio voice.

I suddenly, inexplicably, have this urge to audition for NPR.

Thanks so much, Anthony, for this wonderful review.

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